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5 most FAQ about the United States Figure Skating Association

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United States Figure Skating Association is the official governing body.

  1. Why was the United States Figure Skating Association established?

Figure skating became very popular before the American Civil War. At the time, the United States was swept up in a great skating and dance craze. Jackson Haines, a New Yorker, combined both to create the graceful and expressive figure skating style we know today. 

This sparked massive public interest in the sport. Everyone wanted to learn how to skate like him, and local skating clubs and competitions sprouted across the country.

However, these clubs were very informal, and the local contests had different criteria and standards. Anyone could claim to be “America’s Figure Skating Champion,” but the title had no meaning because there was no official, nationally-recognized competition. In 1921, the United States Figure Skating Association was established to govern the sport and create the system and standards that would make it more professional.

  1. What are the functions of the United States Figure Skating Association?

USFSA set standards for skill and proficiency by developing tests and certifications. Until 1921, anyone could join a figure skating contest. Today, they must pass a qualifying test, and rank well in a local competition to join the larger and more prestigious events. 

This paves the path for the best skaters to become part of international events such as the Olympic Winter Games and World Championships.

USFA’s competition system provides a great incentive for figure skaters to train for the sport and a way for them to build a career where their achievements are officially recognized not just in the United States, but around the world.

USFA also organizes exhibitions and world tours where top skaters can display their skills and earn from year-round performances. Through its member clubs and affiliated skating rinks, it also conducts workshops and training for aspiring skaters. One example is Basic Skills Program (which is for beginner skaters) and Learn to Skate USA (for more advanced skaters who want to join competitions and are considering a professional skating career).

Aside from this, USFA’s Memorial Fund gives scholarships and financial assistance to skaters. It also publishes SKATING magazine, which has industry news, interviews, and other information that can make you the inside track on the figure skating industry.

  1. Where is the United States Figure Skating Association located?

USFSA’s main headquarters are in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This where it houses the World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame. It also has an official website,

  1. Who are part of the United States Figure Skating Association?  

The USFSA has over 1,000 volunteers who help run its endeavors either as part of Board of Directors or its committees. It has nearly 700 member clubs, and 178,000 members.

  1. What are the advantages of being part of the United States Figure Skating Association?

Members enjoy many privileges, including being able to join its official tests, qualifying events, competitions, and exhibitions. Each time they pass a proficiency test or rank at a sponsored event, they will also receive certificates of accomplishment.

Aside from this, members are given a membership card, a subscription to SKATING magazine, and special discounts and promos from affiliated partners. They will also be eligible for a sports accident insurance policy.   

USFSA also supports aspiring and talented skaters, by offering scholarships that can cover the cost of training and joining competitions (transportation, room, and board, allowances, etc.).

To become a member of the United States Figure Skating Association, fill your application through an affiliated club in your area. There are different types of membership: introductory, full or collegiate. Full details about each level of membership will be given to you when you begin your application. Once you become a USFSA member, your family members are also qualified to join.

These are just some of the most important facts about the United States Figure Skating Association. For more information, go to or approach one of its member clubs in your school or city.