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The Basics Of Ice Dance Dresses

ice Skating dress

Every day thousands of people will leave their home in the morning and head to the ice.  Once there, they will partake in the tradition of stretching, suiting up, and then practicing their techniques and improving their skills.  Growing in popularity every year, figure skating is a challenging and competitive sport.  For many, it is engaged as a fun way to stay healthy and enjoy the benefits of what training can provide.  For others, competitive play is an essential aspect of their enjoyment.  Either way, finding the right apparel for the sport is crucial.  In particular, ice skating has the unique challenge of finding the right ice dance dress.  Below we go into detail on several of the key considerations you should review before picking your ice dance dress.  Let’s begin.

  1.  Quality

Quality is a broad term referring to some different criteria that when combined create a superior ice dance dress.  The quality may relate to the material selection used, the fit, the overall appearance, and the craftsmanship that went into it.  It is assumed that anything handmade on the commission will be higher quality than what you buy from a store.  That being said, the finished product of a custom made the design is only as good as the seamstress while an order from a warehouse guarantees some level of quality control.  If you do end up going with a store bought ice dance dress, then go with a brand recommended to you by someone already experienced on the rocks skating clothing and apparel.

  1.  Durability

While a part of quality, durability is important enough to be mentioned separately.  Sustainability relates to the strength of the material and how well it holds up to a variety of situations.  It can include the stitch used as well as the material composition.  Durability is typically more important when considering training ice dance dresses.  This is because the clothing will be worn for far longer, go through a lot more impact, and experience more washing cycles.  A lot of the cost for ice dance outfits comes from being carefully constructed to be durable.  Generally speaking, dresses purchased from retailers that specifically cater towards ice skaters will be more durable than those offered by companies that don’t specialize in ice skating gear.

  1.  Design

The design is one of the many things worth considering when it comes to ice dance dresses.  The design is both functional and aesthetic.  You will want to match the design of your outfit with the routine you are putting on.  At the same time, there are practical considerations worth reviewing, as the length of the skirt and whether or not this will pose an issue during your routine.  Things like the regulations for the competition you are in may also limit your design.  If you are training and looking for a dress that you can use for this, then it may need to be warm enough to keep you happy even in harsh winters.  

  1.  Brand History

Like many other sports, ice skating is dominated by leading brands and clothing manufacturers who cater towards professional, competitive play.  Many people will go with a dress from the brand that has supplied them with gear in the past.  Whether this is done as a subtle advertisement or out of appreciation for things like sponsorship, brand loyalty is not uncommon when it comes to the sport and may be worth considering as you pick your ideal ice dance dress.  

  1.  Popular Opinion

It is rare that you are the first person to consider buying an ice skating dress.  Go online and see what people have to say about the dress you are interested in getting.  If you are getting it custom made, then consider looking up the seamstress and see if other people have had outfits made.  Chances are you can learn a lot about what is available and whether it is worth getting long before you spend money.

Where Does That Leave Us?

  • Be aware that quality plays a significant role in an ice dance dress
  • Durability is another key factor, especially for training clothes
  • Consider the design you are going to want and how it reflects the overall piece you are doing
  • Brand history and loyalty can sometimes play an important role and should not be discounted
  • If nothing else, research your options beforehand to get a better sense of what is worth getting