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The Benefits of Riedell Ice Skates

Riedell ice skates

Those who believe all ice skates are the same couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, there is a lot of competition among the top ice skating brands to produce the very best in ice skates.  Utilizing the best blade designs, superior shoe comfort designs, and an overall look that impresses and inspires confidence, the benefits of top quality ice skates are many.  With that in mind, we review a well-known company responsible for decades of top quality products, Riedell.  We will see how Riedell ice skates are superior to the competition and why you should consider getting a pair for yourself today.

  1.  A Company With A Legacy Of Quality

Beginning out of the small town of Red Wing, Minnesota, the Riedell Company started as a small business shared between Paul Riedell and Sophie Riedell.  Having loved ice skating, Paul Riedell wanted to make skates that were designed with the skater in mind.  He used his knowledge to start what would become a 70-year evolution in search of the perfect ice skating shoes.  With every successive generation, new technology and skillsets were included into the Riedell ice skates, making them unique and one of a kind.  Over the course of the company’s history, it has had their blades featured in countless competitions and even in the Olympics.  Come experience for yourself what countless others have already discovered in a brand that proudly stands behind their line of Riedell skates.  

  1.  Superior Features

Riedell ice skates are known for incorporating unique features that are rarely seen in other brands if at all.  For example, their Eclipse Blades are unique to their brand and provide a superior experience on the ice.  Requiring less sharpening, the blades are crafted to perfectly fit the needs of figure skaters looking for leaves that match their expertise.  Two things frequently included with their ice skates include the open throat design as well as Forefoot Flex.  These features provide improved flexibility and support while taking the pressure off some of the most delicate parts of your feet.  Luxury features like kangaroo leather also help Riedell stand out as among the best skate manufacturers out there.  

  1.  An Incredible Line of Riedell Ice Skates To Choose From

Riedell has released dozens of models in the past and currently has a pretty big line of skates to choose from.  Some of the most recent Riedell skates to hit the market include the: 114 Pearl, the 119 Emerald, the 133 Diamond, the 223 Stride, the 229 Edge, the 255 Motion, the 435 Bronze Star, the 875 Silver Star, the 910 Flair, the 1375 Gold Star, the 2010 Fusion, and the 3030 Aria.  Their selection is further improved by the accessories they sell.  Whether you want a Riedell carrying bag, a travel case, blade protectors, a cover for your skates, foot padding, or more, Riedell will have you covered.  On their website, they provide a range measurement guide to help you find the perfect boot for your foot.

  1.  Quality & Price

While Riedell ice skates may be a lot of money at first, consider them an investment in your enjoyment of ice skating.  Riedell skates are much less likely to fall apart and last far longer than the majority of the competition.  The blades require less frequent sharpening and stand up against chipping much better.  Whereas you may need to purchase several pairs of cheaper ice skates, Riedell will last longer and cost you less over time.  

Summing It Up:

  • Riedell ice skates include the legacy of decades of experience and quality all going into a fantastic pair of skates
  • Utilizes new technology and materials to continually provide the most up to date and competitive ice skates out there
  • Unique features like kangaroo leather, Forefoot Flex, open throat design, and Eclipse Blades help to put Riedell skates over the top
  • There are many different skates to choose from depending on your skill level and needs.

Where You Can Get Riedell Ice Skates

In the past, Skates Guru as has sold several different Riedell skates.  Models previously on sale but now out of stock include the Riedell 10, the Riedell 13, the Riedell 113, the Riedell 615, and the Riedell 625 in the past.  You may want to check in from time to time to see if stocks have been refilled or contact Skates Guru directly to see if there will be future availability on skates you are interested in getting.

Putting It All Together

As we have covered, Riedell ice skates provide a superior experience.  Best for those at the intermediate and beyond skill levels, Riedell is a trusted name that you can have faith in not letting you down.  With the incredible features listed above, there are many benefits of these skates over the competition.