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Best Ice Skates


Choosing Great Ice Skates

Choosing the best ice skates does not have to be a pain if you follow a few simple steps. If you are unfamiliar with the major ice skating brands, then you should consider renting a pair before you settle on a purchase. In either case, there are several variables you must consider before making an ice skating purchase. Following these tips will make that process easier.


For Beginning Skaters

Finding the best ice skates on the market will depend on your individual experience level. If you are a beginning skater, consider these tips. First, determine if you will purchase your boots and blades separately, or if you plan to buy a combination package instead. Most boots and blades are purchased on a separate basis. Of course, before you even consider buying blades, select an appropriate pair of boots first. If you are a beginner, you need not purchase the softest, most luxurious pair you can find. In fact, moderate padding should be enough. You should also avoid purchasing blades with oversized toe picks.Every boot has a breaking in period, a time during which your foot adapts to the space, fit, and structure of your boot. This breaking in period is painful in some cases. This is precisely why it’s important to have your boots fitted to ensure that the breaking in period proceeds as smoothly as possible. The heel of the boot should encase your ankle sufficiently and comfortably. This is because when you are ice skating, your ankle tendons, bones and muscles help you maneuver to a vast extent. Even with the most comfortable boots, however, there will be a break in period no matter what. To expedite the break in period, wear the boots as much as you possibly can, even at home if possible.

Intermediate Skaters

If you are an intermediate ice skater, then chances are you have learned some savvy new tricks on the ice. Like beginners, you to must purchase boots with sufficient ankle support. The more your boots permit ankle movement and flexibility, the better your skating will be. You should also have a snug fit that permits enough room for toe movement as well. Consider purchasing blades according to the activities in which you plan to engage. For example, freestyle blades are relatively large compared to dance blades. And of course, your blades should be fitted and sharpened, and your boots should be waterproofed to prevent structural damage.

Additional Tips

When a professional is fitting your skates, always indicate if you are in pain, or if the boots are causing you discomfort. Furthermore, as you will find, skate boots sizes often do not correspond to regular shoe sizes. So, speak to a professional when having your boots fitted.