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Where is the Best Ice Skating Albany NY?

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Are you searching for rinks in Albany NY? Then for you this guide helpful.

These local rinks are great places to work on your skating skills, whether you’re doing private lessons, figure skating in a group, playing hockey or enjoying a free skate session. Once you’ve discovered these venues, you’ll be able to choose your favorite whenever the urge to skate strikes!

Interesting Facts About Albany, NY

Albany is the capital of New York State, and it’s Albany County’s seat. This city is situated about one hundred and fifty miles north of the Big Apple. The city was built along the westernmost bank of the scenic Hudson River and about ten miles away, to the south, of the Mohawk River.

As you can see, there will be some beautiful waterways to skate on when they are frozen enough to be safe skating spots. However, the region also features some great rinks!

Now, let’s look at the most popular indoor and outdoor places to ice skate in Albany.

Fun Skating Spots to Consider

Empire State Plaza is one great place to lace up and get out on the ice. You’ll find this rink in the Capitol’s shadow, and it features cheapskate rentals, so enjoying a bit of skating won’t bust your budget. Another option is Albany County Hockey Facility. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy free skate sessions or other types of skating sessions, and it features skate sharpening for customers, as well as a concession area.

If you want to ice skate outside, think about visiting Buckingham Pond. The city looks at ice safety on a regular basis and then lets the community know if the ice is sufficiently thick to be safe. Another great outdoor area to skate at is Washington Park Lake. Each winter, the city clears a part of the lake, as long as the ice reaches seven inches of thickness.

Another indoor venue for ice skating is Clifton Park. It provides lessons, and the facility features a couple of rinks of official NHL size.

Buy New Skates This Winter

You deserve great skates. When you buy your own, you may find that they offer better performance than rental skates. As well, if you want to skate outside some of the time, you’ll find that owning your skates makes good sense, as rental facilities for ice skates aren’t available on frozen lakes and ponds. We recommend shopping around for great and affordable ice skates online. Choosing a respected brand, such as Jackson, will allow you to enjoy superb skating whenever you want to, and you’ll find that the right online retailer offers these types of ice skates for great prices.

Now that you know where to go ice skating in Albany, you’ll find that you’re ready to enjoy some healthy physical activity this winter!