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Best Locations For Ice Skating Lincoln NE

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In Lincoln, Nebraska in winter it is customary to go out on an ice skating.

John Below

This is the first ice hockey center that you will need to try out. It offers services such as public skating, ice rentals among numerous other programs. The last checking showed that Planet Hockey was in the offing.

Figure skating

Perfuming on figures skates in groups or as individuals is a major feature. If you are the couple, you can simply enjoy figure skating as a couple.

Lincoln Stars hockey

The next center for your debut ice skating Lincoln me would be the Lincoln Stars Hockey; The ice rink is just phenomenal.Although the ice rink is seasonal, this does not stop the skater’s from stepping out in style.Families and friends trickle here by their hundreds to ice skate. This place that is at the heart of Lincoln will sure bring your upcoming Christmas mood into perspective.

If you live in Lincoln, you do not have to travel far away to enjoy some ice skating sessions. The ice skating Lincoln one is out there in the neighborhood.

Ice Box

The third rink is Ice Box which also happens to offer figure skating at its best. There is also a hockey rink for the hockey enthusiasts. The Box has a huge seating capacity of 5,010 and can be put into many other uses apart from ice skating and figure skating.

Skate rentals

Would you like to hire a skate for your next breathtaking outdoor fantasy? There are skate rental facilities for skaters of all ages. It is a full service which is quite encouraging, given the fact that some skate rentals elsewhere are not necessarily full service.

Figure skates for rental

There are enough pairs of figure skates foe=r everyone. For instance, there are 400 pairs available at one given time. Any moment you come here, you will be able to hire one for yourself, the family, groups or duo that you would like to go out with for figure skating.

Hockey skates

Hockey skating is a lot of fun for those who enjoy it. The skate is also available in many pairs, so you can come together and find enough to hire for everyone.


Various lessons are offered on different activities such as ice skating, figure skating, and hockey.


Those who have visited any of the three centers have a lot of positive things to say about them. With an average rating of 4.5 out of the possible five stars, there is every indication that the ice skating rinks and  hockey rink  are hugely liked by those who come for any of these activities plus more. You need to come and experience it yourself!