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Best Reasons To Choose Jones Center Ice Skating

Figure Skating

The Jones Center a recreation best comfortable place for ice skating.

Ice rink

This facility would probably not have the reputation it has were it not for the fact that it has an impressive ice rink.

Enjoyable Pools

The second service that makes it outstanding is the pool. There is more than one pool which makes it highly enjoyable for pool activities. Notably, there are two swimming pools which are indoors. It comes with an extra feature which is the slide.


If you would like to play football, a court beckons. It is a well- designed court for the soccer fans to either play or watches the game.


Keeping fit is important, and this is the reason why everyone takes their time at the gym facility. There are a fitness center and an instructor at your beck and call. You will have no reason not to be in your best fitness this holiday.

The ice arena

Apart from its huge capacity as we saw above, this facility has other things we could say about it. The party-makers will have their private room. If in need of the passes for skating, there are up to 15 of them available. Renting of the skates is also made here.

Learn to skate program

The curriculum that is used to teach skating here is advanced. It is based on the US figure skating. The instructors are highly skilled and trained to ensure that you have all the knowledge that you need.

Family oriented

One way to win over many people is to make a facility family friendly. This is exactly how the service is structured. Most programs and events  suited for the whole family are provided here.Next time you think about the ice skating, hockey, swimming among others, the  Jones Center ice skating is your destination.

Indoor track

This, together with the rink for ice skating are some of the essential facilities that you will find here. The rink is the only one its kind in this area of North West Arkansas.

Birthday party rooms

Those who like partying will find the reason to party even harder. The birthday room is big enough to accommodate.

Classroom facility

There is an excellent service for giving instructions. It is the class service available for this function.

Sports leagues

These are available for those who are in various leagues such as hockey and ice skating.


The Greenway can be accessed through the park which also has a ride.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that there is a food court, a chapel, a conference center and an auditorium. All these make one of the most equipped centers in its league.