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Bill Gray’s Ice Skating Rochester NY

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When it comes to ice skating in New York, you do not have to go further than the ice skating Rochester NY. There are three major locations where you can enjoy the best experience in ice skating. There is the Bill Gray’s Cineplex, Lakeshore Hockey Arena, and Frank Ritter Ice Arena. Of course, there are others as well, but you would fall in love with this Cineplex.

Rochester is known for ice skating and many other fun activities. It hosts ice skating all year round, birthday parties, ice hockey and many events which are family friendly. In particular, though, the skating is the highlight of the ice skating Rochester NY. Many skaters of all ages turn up in hundreds to lace their skates.

The facilities here are superb and include:

Indoor and outdoor skating

The ice skating Rochester NY includes both the indoor and the outdoor ice skating. Skaters of all walks of life descend on the Bill Gray’s Cineplex for the thrill of ice skating. Families and their friends come not only to exercise but to also participate in this favorite event that is lacing up the skates.

Affordable charges

If you thought this facility is expensive, then you are mistaken. The charges at the Bill Gray’s Cineplex are enough pocket -friendly.What is more, they are full of fun.

Suitable for all ages

Unlike other ice skating locations where there are some age restrictions, this particular one is designed to suit virtually all the ages. You can thus bring along your clan for a whole day of fun- filled activities. Those in different levels in ice skating can fit comfortably in their respective schedules.

Health facilities

Skating is not just for the fun bit only. The skaters and those who frequent the place can keep fit; hence to say that this is a healthy addition to your lifestyle is an understatement.


While ice skating is fraught with injuries; there are precautionary measures put in place to guarantee you and your family safety. Bicycle and hockey helmets are provided so as to protect the head from injuries.

Season passes for adults

As an adult, you will enjoy a whole year of unlimited skating, thanks to the season passes which will set you back by less than $7.

They are not left behind either and for only $4 for the skate rentals. You will also get an adult pass, though the rentals for the skates will be up to $150.The cost is the same as that of the youth, but the cost goes up to $200 for the skate rentals.

Without the skate rentals, either the youth or the seniors will part with $100. The vets also fall into this category.

Renting the skates

The cost of renting the skate stands at $4.However, the youth, seniors, and vets have passed for the rentals which cost $150.

Lastly, you can hire an ice scooter for a mere $4. Well, are you up for the public ice skating in Rochester?