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Why Bother Wearing an Ice Skating Costume?


The costume made by a well-known brand of quality material can be expensive.

As parents and coaches, we know how difficult it can be to dress our athletes in the latest and greatest ice skating costumes. Good ones can be hard to come by, and the best ones are very costly. Finding that reasonable middle ground between quality and cost-effectiveness is great, and all, but many never get to that point. Frustrated by the sheer expense involved in equipping the modern-day figure skater, a lot of people forget why the costumes are needed in the first place.

While it is certainly true that there are a lot of costs associated with becoming a serious athletic figure skater, it is a myth that none of the attire is needed. In fact, there are at least ten good reasons why wearing a luxury ice skating costume at your next competition is such a great idea. If you are one of those people, who has yet to understand the importance of high-end skate apparel, listen up.

Why Bother Wearing an Ice Skating Costume?

What is this, Halloween? Why bother wearing an ice skating costume when it’s just a Wednesday in the middle of March? Because it can benefit your showmanship, routine, and final scores in a few ways, you might not be considering. Think about this:

  • It makes you feel more confident in yourself.

Nothing feels better than looking good and being noticed for it. While you’re out on the rink in front of a broad audience, a real ice skating costume can do you lots of favors in that regard.

  • It creates a theme for your performance.

The music you play, the moves you make, the costume you wear – they all work together to create an unforgettable routine. Develop a theme and let your ice skating dress do the talking.

  • It is more socially acceptable than street clothes.

Nobody comes to watch figure skating to see someone prance around in their street clothes, so don’t even think about it. Not only will you likely get points taken away, but you may also lose the respect of the audience.

  • It is the regulation attire for most venues.

In fact, some places won’t even let you in unless you have a regulation ice skating costume, complete with boot cover tights, skates, and an off-rink body suit. No kidding. You’ve got to be prepared these days.

  • It can be comfortable and flattering to your figure.

No worries, though. Wearing an ice skating costume isn’t all that bad. A good one is very comfortable, and for the most part, it can make your figure look amazing.

  • It is always fun to dress up in coordinating pieces.

The audience can feel when you’re having fun, and it makes them like you more when you are. Extravagant ice skating costumes are best for this. Besides, playing dress up is fun for everyone.

  • It gives the audience and judges something to look at.

Your watchers want to see something spectacular. That’s one of the main reasons we see so many different kinds of ice skating costumes on today’s rink.

  • It makes you look like a serious athlete.

Audience members, judges, and even fellow athletes will see you as a force to be reckoned with when you dress for success. You may just be out there having fun, but nobody said you couldn’t intimidate a few people while you’re at it.

  • It shows respect for the sport, and for the art of figure skating.

Figure skating, even professionally, has been around for quite some time. You are not the first athlete to want to change things. Keep it respectful and follow the necessary dress code if you know what’s right for you.

  • It encourages others to bring their A-game.

Leading by example is a terrific way to gain respect and admiration for your art. After all that work you’ve put into this, isn’t about time you get a little recognition?