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A Brief Guide To Figure Skating Clothes

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Helpful brief guide to selecting clothes for figure skating.

With this in mind, it may come as no surprise to you that figure skating is growing in popularity across the world.  Seen as a wonderful source of exercise, figure skating is a great way to teach children a variety of skills.  Seeing signs of their improvement over time, many will take what they learn and apply it to other fields, succeeding across the board.  While every person may not compete, every person can get something out of the experience.

For many first-time figure skaters, the primary challenge is in finding the right gear.  You may assume that figure skating requires nothing more than some tights and ice skates.  In truth, having the right equipment designed for the sport can make all the difference in the world.  Included blow is a brief guide to figure skating clothes.  With any luck, you will be able to use this guide to find exactly what you need to get started.

What Is Figure Skating Clothing?

Figure skating clothing is clothing marketed for people who participate in the sport of figure skating.  It is designed specifically for this game in mind and will have improved protection against the elements and the ice.   For every competition, a figure skater will spend hundreds of hours practicing on the ice.  A lot of figure skating clothing is made for practice.  Providing a free range of motion while also keeping you warm and protected, the dress is both versatile and reliable.  

The other end of figure skating dress is competitions.  During a game, it is common to dress up for the performance.  The figure skating dress is designed to hold everything tightly while also feeling like a second skin.  In doing so, people competing can look their best, be flashy, and highlight through combined appearance and technique what they are capable of doing.  While less practical than practice clothing, performance outfits are none-the-less important to have.

So, what falls under figure skating dress?  There is a broad range of figure skating apparel to choose from.  Some of the most solid pieces you will have to include a competition dress, stockings, and gloves.  Also, skirts, shirts, shorts, pants, outfits, leotards, and body wear are all standard.

How Much Does Figure Skating Clothing Cost?

Figure skating clothing is more expensive than regular clothing.  The reason why the clothes are more expensive is that figure skating clothes are specially designed for the ice skating.  While you may have a pair of figure skating stockings and regular stockings that look identical, the figure skating socks will be far better when figure skating for a broad range of reasons.  Tights, for example, can range from $20 to $30 depending on where you buy them from.  Despite the cost, you should still consider getting them over non-skating generic alternatives.  

How Is Figure Skating Clothing Different Than Regular Clothing?

  1.  Durability

Figure skating clothing is designed to be worn and worked out in.  The dress takes into effect things like you sweating and will do a far better job at keeping your body temperature regulated.  The fabric will also be designed to breathe more, allowing you to keep moisture out.  While doing all of this, your figure skating clothing will resist wear and tear as well as damage from things like falls and slides on the ice.  While non-skating clothing will be less expensive, you may find yourself going through it far faster than ice skating particular clothes.

  1.  Temperature Resistant

While less true for performance clothing, it is particularly the case for practice clothes.  Ice skating clothing designed for training will do a far better job at keeping out the cold while simultaneously helping to prevent you from overheating.  It will also keep you warm against ice and snow that may cling to your clothing.  In short, ice skating dress lets you get away with wearing fewer layers while maintaining your comfort level.

  1.  Quite Showy

While less right for training, it is particularly the case for competitions.  Competitive ice skating outfits are designed to impress.  Grabbing your attention, they are complicated pieces of clothing that simultaneously weigh the need for aesthetics along with the need for functional versatility.  It is very hard to find outfits that are of the same eye-catching quality outside of figure skating clothes.  

Where Can I Find Figure Skating Clothing?

You will be able to purchase figure skating clothing online through some companies that market specifically towards figure skating.  You may also be able to find clothing at stores.  Beware big box figure skating dress, as it is often less than decent quality.