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Should You Buy a White Figure Skating Dress?


A white dress is gorgeous for the competition, but not for the lessons.

White Is Clean, Fresh and Pure

White has a purity to it, so expect to project an innocent image when you’re wearing a white dress on the ice. As well, a white figure skating dress will match the ice that you’re skating on. It will have a dreamy look which is appropriately wintry, and it will be designed to please onlookers and judges.

While white figure skating dress styles will vary regarding cut and design elements, all will have a pristine quality. There is a reason why brides-to-be wear white dresses, and the same principle will apply with a white figure skating dress. It will look fresh and innocent. If that’s the look that you want, you should be able to shop for one of this figure skating dresses online.

There is white figure skating dresses for practice.

They are usually machine-washable, and you may even be able to use bleach on them to keep them in perfect condition. The care tags on these garments should specify how to launder them. However, most people tend to choose darker colored dresses for practice and lessons, simply because they don’t show dirt and sweat the way that white does.

For this reason, we recommend investing in mostly darker or brighter skating dresses for practice and lessons and saving the winter white for competitions. When you do this, you’ll be doing what’s practical. You won’t wear the competition dress too often, so you’ll find that it’s easier to maintain its beauty. Just be sure to launder it as directed right after you wear it.

Also, wear a sport-style deodorant when you don your white dress. It’s all about keeping your white figure skating dress looking immaculate. With a little care and forethought, you’ll be able to hold it in mint condition over the long term.

The white dress may make you look a bit larger. White is not the most slimming color. If you love your body, you should love the way that it looks. If you don’t have ideal body image, you may find that a darker ice dress makes you appear a bit leaner.

Everyone is different. A lot of figure skaters are in great shape already and don’t need to cover anything up. In the end, the dress style and color which gives you confidence will be the best choice. White is very flattering on a range of skin tones, from porcelain to ebony. It’s a freshening color which is universally flattering. Pure white will look best on those with cool skin tones, while off-white will be better for those with warmer skin tones. It’s important to remember that there are many different shades of white!

How to Find the Right Dress

Look around online and see what online storefronts which offer skating apparel, skates and skating accessories have to offer. You’ll find that there is usually a few white figure skating dresses at these types of websites. As well, be sure to think about the brand. Make sure that you’re buying a white ice dress from a respected manufacturer of skating apparel.

You should buy a white figure skating dress if you’re going to be in a competition and you find white is a good color for you. It’s really about boosting your confidence. What color you choose is a personal choice. It’s about how you feel about the color. People have won skating competitions while they were wearing white ice dresses and you can, too. Just practice your hardest, feel confident in your dress and add some bright hair and makeup. When you prepare for a competition in an organized manner and have the right dress for your routine, you’ll boost the odds of winning.

Judges notice how skaters look. The right dress will help you make a great impression!