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Where You Can Get Discount Skate Wear

discount skate wear

Interested in picking up ice skating as a sport or hobby?  One of the first things you will have to do is buy gear.  Along with the ice skates that allow you to glide effortlessly on the ice (many of which can be found at for affordable rates), there is also a lot of secondary gear that makes the experience far more pleasant.  A challenge for many is affording the relatively high hurdle of buying all your starter gear.  A great way to potentially save is by getting discount skate wear.  Below we review three different places where you can snag skate wear along with the pros and cons of each.  Let’s begin.

  1.  Directly From The Brand

The brand is responsible for manufacturing the gear under its name.  The closest to the source you can get, you can sometimes get amazing deals on discount skate wear if you are luck.   People prefer brand sales because they can trust that the gear is coming from the source.  Also, brand sales typically include the widest range of sizes for discount skate wear, making it far easier to select something that fits.  At the same time, discounts offered by brands are typically rare when it comes to skate wear.  Also, the discount applied to the gear is among the lowest discounts you will see.


  • The most trusted source of discount skate wear
  • Typically have a wider selection when they have a sale


  • Typically have the least discounted deals
  • Sales are rare
  1.  From A Distributor

Distributors range in size and purpose.  While some will specialize in carrying only ice skating gear, others will carry gear for many different sports.  Distributor discount skate wear is preferred because you have a lot of opportunities for sales among all the distributors.  Also, you can often get more of a discount on items that you would buy directly from the manufacturer.  At the same time, it should be noted that some websites are less than trustworthy when it comes to their inventory and size selection will never be as good as when brand sales occur.


  • Sites like are trustworthy and offer you the assurance that what you buy is what is advertised
  • The discounts are typically better than brand sales
  • A lot of different distributors to go price hunting for if you know the brand


  • Some other sites may not be trustworthy and may not offer refunds on discounted items
  • Selection is less diverse on sizes than with brand sales
  1.  Used

Last but not least, we consider used.  Used discount skate wear is a great thing if you want to save the most amount of money and you have a lot of time to wait for a deal to come your way.  Purchasing used from someone means finding some amazing things for incredibly low prices.  You may also have a chance to meet with the previous owner, talk about the benefits and drawbacks, as well as try on the gear yourself.  At the same time, the available selection is the worst among all three options.  The quality of the product may be questionable, and a lot will depend on how much you trust the previous owner.  


  • Offer the best deals out there
  • Can find some amazing things
  • May be able to try things on before buying


  • Highly variable on selection
  • May not be many people selling used gear near you
  • Requires trusting the seller

Where Does This Leave Us?

Simply put, you have a lot of options when it comes to getting discount skate wear.  Consider the discount options to the full price options and see what you stand to gain and miss out.  With used skate gear, know that the current quality and remaining durability are critical to whether or not the gear is worth buying.  If nothing else, consider time and money.  If you have the time to search for an excellent deal, then you can save money.  If you don’t have the time to search for a great deal, then you may as well pay full price.  Good luck as you find the gear you need so that you can get on the in comfort sooner!