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How to Shop for Figure Skating Competition Dresses


If you want to wow judges during figure skating competitions, you should know that your image will play a role in how high or low you get marked. While judges are trained to rate technique, artistry, and athleticism, they also pay attention to how skaters look and to whether or not their skating costumes suit the music and theme of their routines. With this in mind, you should take care when choosing new figure skating competition dresses. Continue reading How to Shop for Figure Skating Competition Dresses

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Ice Skating Costumes Buying Guide

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Ice skating is a highly elegant practice, requiring grace and confidence at all times.

Performers are always looking for the latest and greatest ice skating costumes, mainly to exemplify their hard work and subsequently svelte figures. With so many options on the modern market, finding the perfect costume can be a tiring chore. To keep the joy in dressing up, necessary to utilize this simple buying guide. Continue reading Ice Skating Costumes Buying Guide

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Different Types of Skating Dresses


For the figure or ice skater, there are a lot of different clothing choices that need to be made.

A lot of female skaters prefer to have many skating dresses to choose from as they may feel more comfortable in those than in shorts or skating pants. Dresses offer a wider range of motion when sliding and can be designed in ways that will give you more confidence on the ice when you’re performing. There are some different types of skating dresses available depending on what you need. Wearing a competition dress on a regular day of practice can be silly, for example. So female skaters need to know what kind of dresses are available to them and which one will be the best choice for each circumstance. Continue reading Different Types of Skating Dresses

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The Basics Of Ice Dance Dresses

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Every day thousands of people will leave their home in the morning and head to the ice. Once there, they will partake in the tradition of stretching, suiting up, and then practicing their techniques and improving their skills. Growing in popularity every year, figure skating is a challenging and competitive sport. For many, it is engaged as a fun way to stay healthy and enjoy the benefits of what training can provide. For others, competitive play is an essential aspect of their enjoyment. Either way, finding the right apparel for the sport is crucial. In particular, ice skating has the unique challenge of finding the right ice dance dress. Below we go into detail on several of the key considerations you should review before picking your ice dance dress. Let’s begin. Continue reading The Basics Of Ice Dance Dresses

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USA figure skating


Everything you need to know about USA figure skating boots

Believe it or not, a lot of people in the USA figure skating world just sort of think they know all about their figure skating boots without ever actually knowing the in’s and out’s of how these pieces of skating equipment can make or break your overall experience on the ice.

And that’s very, very bad news!

Because they are (ideally) the only thing that should ever come in contact with the ice when you are figure skating you’ll want to come to know your USA figure skating boots the way you know your feet. Completely unconsciously with nothing but the utmost trust that they’ll do it exactly what you want them to do exactly when you want them to do it! Continue reading USA figure skating

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Ice skating dress

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Breathe new life into old ice skating dresses

For about a million and one different reasons, it’s almost always a terrible idea to go out on the ice and compete with anything but a brand-new ice skating dress.

At the same time, most people don’t have and unlimited budget that allows them to add dozens and dozens of ice skating dresses to their wardrobe every single year, only to never wear those ice skating dresses ever again after that one competition. Continue reading Ice skating dress

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Ice skating costume

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Major mistakes you NEVER want to make when choosing your ice skating costume

Even though 99.9% of your success when it comes to figuring skating is going to depend entirely upon your mastery of your routine, that doesn’t mean that you can ever take your ice skating costume for granted.

Not only are you going to want to find the right dress that complements your routine and your overall thematic impact as much as humanly possible. But you’re also going to want to make sure that you are choosing a costume that is going to while the judges right from the first moment that you step out on the ice until you leave the rink when you are done. Continue reading Ice skating costume

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The Anatomy Of Ice Skating Costume

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Sailing gracefully across the ice, figure skaters make the impossible look easy. With every jump, spin, and turn, the figure skater demonstrates skill and mastery over the ice. Incredibly competitive on the national and Olympic level while simultaneously being fun for kids and adults looking for a hobby, figure skating provides an incredible opportunity to work on physical fitness, dexterity, and balance. Continue reading The Anatomy Of Ice Skating Costume

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Finding The Perfect Ice Dance Dress

Are you interested in figure skating? You are not alone. Every year, millions of Americans will discover figure skating and begin practicing. An excellent way to improve balance, dexterity, strength, fortitude, and determination, figure skating can be considered a form of medication as well as exercise. While there are some that take their aspirations to the Olympic level, much more will be content in pursuing smaller less formal competitions where they can display their skill. Whether you are 10 or 50, competition can be an incredible amount of fun.

Succeeding at a contest comes down to some factors. First, there is the time and attention you put into your routine. There is the complexity of the method and how well it manages to fit the music choice. Last but not least, there is the ice dance dress you decide to wear on the day of the competition. Continue reading Finding The Perfect Ice Dance Dress