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How to Choose the Color of Your Ice Skating Clothes for a Competition

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The outfit a skater decides to wear can affect their overall score.

As such, it is important that you choose your ice skating clothes wisely. Some skaters get hung up on the cut and pizzazz-factor, but there is more to it than that. In reality, the colors you choose say a lot about you as a competitor. At the same time, certain hues can have a specific effect on the audience and judges. So, picking out the right colors to wear can drastically affect the outcome of an ice skating competition, especially when that competition comes down to the wire.

The Clothing Color Guide

To make the most out of your clothing color choices, it is vital that you understand the significance of each one. All colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, white, and brown – have their unique personalities. When used correctly, you can fuse any of those personalities with your own to create an unforgettable performance. Let’s take a look at the distinct properties of each color:

  • RED – Commonly associated with power, sexuality, energy, and passion. Red ice skating clothes will inspire the crowd in such a manner, but be careful not to overuse it.
  • ORANGE – Known for being the color of positive thinking and open communication. Orange-colored clothes might have the power to make you and the audience a little bit happier.
  • YELLOW – Notably associated with the notion of intellectual superiority, this color is often viewed as also cheerful and optimistic. However, it is not suitable for all skin types.
  • GREEN – Referred to as the color of growth, this hue commands self-assurance and balance – an excellent characteristic to possess during an ice skating competition.
  • BLUE – The color of peace. It often suggests loyalty, integrity, and elitism. However, it can come off as cold and frigid, so be careful how you wear it out there on the ice.
  • VIOLET – Commonly connected with royalty, this color has the power to inspire the imagination. It is practical yet whimsical, but it can come across as somewhat immature if not worn correctly.
  • BLACK – Mystery and intrigue are properties of black. Ideal for skaters with body issues, black looks good with anything (but you probably already knew that).
  • WHITE – Purity and perfection, most of the time, are with what this color is most closely associated. However, it can be made sexy when worn in the right way.
  • BROWN – Naturally down-to-Earth, this shade is perfect for competition wear that beckons a friendly seriousness from the crowd.

How to Pick the Perfect Color of Ice Skating Clothes

Now that you know what each color means, you must make a choice before it’s your turn to go out on the ice. Everybody is waiting to see what you have on, regardless of whether they admit it or not. Inspire them to choose you like the best contender, or at least look good while you try.

Picking out the perfect color for your ice skating clothes is not as complicated as you think. Just try to imagine yourself competing. How do you want your routine to go? What mood/feelings are you trying to convey? Is there a particular image you are trying to create for yourself as a severe ice skater? Consider those things before making a purchase.

Moreover, don’t forget to do your homework. Buy your ice skating apparel from a supplier with its finger on the pulse of ice skating culture and trends. Take your time choosing, but don’t delay ordering. Even people who are not competition in about are interested in buying high-quality ice skating clothes, so supplies can sometimes become quite limited. Do your best to stay ahead of the competition, even when it comes to what you put on your back before you ever step out on the rink.