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Why Choose Des Moines Ice Skating Iowa?

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The Des Moines ice skating is where memories are made.

Metro ice skating for one is the place that you need to bring your family and friends along. It is the ideal place for figure and hockey skating. This will be a fun galore like no other. Parties also abound at this facility. If you have a kid whose birthday is forthcoming, there are several packages available to meet your birthday party needs.


Group events

If you are in an organization that would like to hold team building, holiday parties and others, the Metro sports  facility will easily facilitate all these.

Brenton Skating Plaza

At this place, you will be able to skate till you drop at the outdoor rink. Take advantage of the scheduled public skating as well as the seasonal one held from November from November to March. There are also passes available with a punch pass going for $90. With the amount above, you get both admission rental facilities for the skates. For those who own their skates, season passes are available.Now; this is what we call an irresistible offer.

Sharpening of skates

You can have your skates sharpened as you wait. The charge is much cheaper than other places with only $5 for one pair.


It is only at the Brenton plaza where a canopy has been erected to facilitate a space for all outdoor events.

Free admission

Kids who are aged 5 and below get admitted here for free, only paying for the skate’s rental.

Central Iowa beckons

Whether you choose the private or group lessons, the Central Iowa is just the natural choice for you. It is an award winning four times. The CIFSC, as it is also known as, is a unique and excellent facility for those who want to reach their potential in skating. Also, one gets to enjoy birthday parties, spinner classes and lessons that are semi-private. The spinner above classes is modeled to help you become better in jumping and spinning. One needs flexibility and strength, both of which are achieved, thanks to the coaches here who are highly trained. The on and off-ice lessons are aimed at helping one become well in skating.

Best place for the kids

There is ice dancing for kids. All that they are required to do is to bring along with them mittens.

More fun at the Des Moines

Imagine having an ice rink that is portable. The West De Moines intends to introduce one. This will facilitate ice skating outdoors. Also, there will be gaga ball pit so that those who want to play dodgeball will find a gentler way to do it.

Which is your ice skating destination?