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What To Consider When Purchasing Ice Skating Dresses For Sale

ice skating dresses

Figure skating costumes can cost upwards of $3,000 a piece.

Consider purchasing ice skating dresses for sale by the previous owner.  You may be able to save an arm and a leg prices by carefully finding people in your area selling ice skating dresses and checking to see if they match your unique style.  Let’s take a moment to review five things the next time you are in the market for a used ice skating dress for sale.  

Quick List

  • When purchasing ice skating dresses for sale remember the original quality and cost
  • Consider the ware and tare
  • Consider the source of information
  • Find their asking price
  • Consider your gut reaction
  1.  The Original Quality & Cost

What was the original quality and cost of the ice skating dress?  Was it custom made, a part of a limited collection, or was it store bought?  How much did it cost when it was created and what is the person currently asking for?  The quality and value set the limit on how much can be asked for.  More often than not, the amount asked for by the previous owner will be a fraction of what it originally cost.  Whether they are saving up money for a new outfit or are done with competitive figure skating and training, you can snag a pretty decent deal if you know what to look for.  Do not hesitate to do research to fill in any gaps left by the current owner as they explain the original details.

  1.  The Amount Of Wear & Tear

The amount of wear and tear the dress receives will influence the price.  Depending on your intended use, ware and tare will range from perfectly acceptable to excluding you from making the purchase.  There are many different forms of ware and tare to consider.  First, there are places where the material could have become worn down due to friction.  There are also the teams to consider.  You will want detailed explanations of any and all damage to the costume when purchasing ice skating dresses for sale.  Not doing so may mean losing out on your investment.

  1.  The Source Of Information

Consider for a moment the person you are buying from.  How good are they at communicating details regarding the ice skating dress?  How easy is it for you to get in contact with them?  Can you confirm the condition of the dress in person?  Better yet, can you try it on?  Chances are that if the person is nearby and does not let you try it on to make sure it fits, then there may be something fishy going on.  However, if the person is responsive and willing to meet you halfway, then it may be a good sign that what you are buying will arrive as advertised.  

  1.  The Asking Price

How much is the person asking for?  Is it less expensive to get a lower quality but new skating dress?  What other options are out there for the color and design you are interested in?  Is it one of a kind or mass produced?  All of these questions are important to answer because it gives you a good idea of what an acceptable asking price may be.  Damage to the dress can also influence the cost.  Be aware that you can haggle in these situations and try to talk the person down to a lower number.  If that doesn’t work and the person is asking for too much, then be prepared to walk away.  That may be all you need to get it at a price you can afford.  

  1.  How You Feel About The Experience

Last but not least, trust your gut.  If it says to back away and cancel a potential deal, then do it.  If not, then make the purchase and congratulations on your new ice skating dress!