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Different Types of Skating Dresses


For the figure or ice skater, there are a lot of different clothing choices that need to be made.

A lot of female skaters prefer to have many skating dresses to choose from as they may feel more comfortable in those than in shorts or skating pants. Dresses offer a wider range of motion when sliding and can be designed in ways that will give you more confidence on the ice when you’re performing. There are some different types of skating dresses available depending on what you need. Wearing a competition dress on a regular day of practice can be silly, for example. So female skaters need to know what kind of dresses are available to them and which one will be the best choice for each circumstance.

Custom or Off the Rack

This is a first decision a female skater needs to make when selecting a skating dress. Don’t let the term “off the rack” turn you away, that just means that the dress is not customized to the skater or her routine. Most of the time the average skater will not need a tailored dress. Purchasing these can get very expensive and is a huge commitment to the dress, the routine, and the competition. While more advanced skaters who are performing at high levels might find themselves considering a custom skating dress, for the majority of skaters one that’s store bought without being fitted exactly to their specifications will work just fine.

Practice Dresses

Practice Dresses are one kind of skating dress that’s available, and as the name implies, they are perfect for wearing during practice. Whether you want to wear it during the day to day practice or prefer only to wear dresses when getting ready for performance is up to you, but these dresses cost the least out of the difference types of skating dresses available. Of course, a lot of places will let you do some customization by adding crystals to the dress as desired, but this will increase the price of it quite rapidly and make it something that you won’t want to wear on a weekly basis.

Competition Dresses

Competition dresses are obviously going to be a bit flashier than practice clothes. They may come with intricate cutouts to show the dancer’s skin, already have rhinestones or crystals in place, and tend to be of a slightly higher quality. Of course, that this skating dress is a higher quality is reflected in the higher price. Competition dresses aren’t something to be worn regularly – the quality and increased quality mean that they should be left for competitions. The fabric of these dresses is very nice, the seams are gorgeous, and they are designed to flatter the female skater while she performs her routine. The addition of extra crystals will increase both the cost and the beauty of these dresses.

Ice Dancing Dresses

Ice dancing, while similar to pair skating, has some differences. This form of skating requires specific lifts and different skates. The skating dresses that are available may be stretchier to accommodate the various kinds of moves that are performed by ice dancers in their routines. These dresses are arguably the most beautiful out of the skating dresses available. Their longer skirts are gorgeous when in motion and draw attention to the beautiful lines of the skater herself. And as you’ve seen, they can easily have crystals or other jewels added to them to make them exactly what the skater wants. This increase in beauty is reflected in an increase in price, of course.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the different main types of skating dresses.

While it is possible to wear an ice dancing dress or competition dress during practice or on a day to day performances, it is a little silly. The incredible work on those dresses as well as the increased price means that they’re best left for their intended use. Even if you aren’t able to buy a fully custom skating dress you still have some leeway in making sure that the off the rack one that you buy is what you want. By adding in your flair, you can show your personality on the ice!