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Discover Ice Skating Des Moines, Iowa, USA


In Des Moines, Iowa, there are lots places to ice skating.

Ice skating is such a healthy and pleasant way to exercise, and it’s also a winter tradition. It brings people together and helps them to tone and burn calories as they glide, twirl and reverse. Now, let’s talk about some great places to skate in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Excellent Rinks to Consider

Des Moines has three rinks, all of which are great places to skate. One is called The Ice Ridge, and it’s located on E. 9th Street. This rink offers free skate sessions, as well as private lessons and kid’s group lessons. It features a pro shop, in addition to summer camp activities for younger skaters. When you choose this facility, you’ll find that it’s a great place to get exercise, whether you decide a public skate option or take lessons.

Brenton Skating Plaza is located on Robert D Ray Drive, and it’s another fun option for ice skating in Des Moines. Public skating, lessons and broomball action are all available at this rink, and it’s also a great place to hold a kid’s birthday party. The features of rink occasional “Glow Skate” nights which are so much fun and some people even choose to propose or get married on the ice.

There are other beautiful places to ice skate in the area. However, these two rinks are the most popular. They do get good reviews from those who drop by, and they have all of the amenities that most people are looking for, as well as fair prices.

Do You Need Ice Skates?

If you need ice skates, you should know that these rinks will rent them to you. However, you may prefer to bring your own, and this is permitted. We recommend buying your skates. Doing so will be the key to wearing the cleanest skates possible. You’ll be the only one who wears them. As well, since so many affordable pairs of ice skates are available online, you’ll find that buying your pair via the Web is cost-effective. If you want to enjoy free skates at Des Moines rinks now and then, you should consider recreational skates. These skates are made with having casual fun in mind, and they are all-purpose.

Now that you know more about ice skating Des Moines and where to go to enjoy the best free skates, you’ll be ready to plan some winter action. Most people skate in wintertime. However, these rinks do offer year-round activities, so it will be possible to make skating a regular part of your fitness routine. Skating is fun and good for the body.