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Do double blades twice as easy to skate well? Not so fast


The using double blade skates are debated, and many coaches no advise it.

Double blades on ice skates offer similar support to beginning skaters.

The wider base created by incorporating the second blade will make it easier to stand as well as reducing the likelihood of your feet slipping out from under you. Anyone who has ever fallen over while trying to learn how to ice skate (which is everyone) will know doubt wish they had been using double blades.

The relatively low cost of most models of double blade ice skates

Appeal to skaters parents of young kids who are interested in trying skating but don’t know if it’s the sport for them. Additionally, the added confidence they provide increased stability make it likelier that their first experience is a good one, increasing the odds they will take an interest in ice skating to the next level.

Such advantages make double blades an attractive choice for beginning skaters. However, coaches and trainers caution that they may not be the right one for parents who are looking to impart core fundamentals of the sport.

Training wheels provide stability

While still allowing users to experience the feeling and carry out the motions of operating a regular bicycle. Double blades, on the other hand, make skaters feel more secure but do not help beginners learn any of the skills or develop the balance necessary for more technical skating.

A significant difference comes from edging. Standard skates require sharp edges to carve into the ice and provide stability. Double skates, on the other hand, use a wide base to help unsteady skaters stay up. The lack of edges, therefore, requires an entirely different motion to propel the skate forward and as a result, does not teach the proper form for more advanced skating.

Many critics believe it is just as easy to get a young child to stand up on one blade as two.

However, if it takes a second blade to give a beginning student the ability to skate more confidently and interest to take it to the next level, then double blade skates are the perfect place to start. It is advisable to transition to single blade skates as early as possible though so as not to impart bad habits or make it more difficult down the road.