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Figure and Ice Skating Attire

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For both novice and professional ice and figure skaters, there are some different outfit choices to choose from.

In the rink, during practice, it can be a good girl to choose comfort over style, but when performing in a competition sometimes it is a good idea to choose a flashier outfit. With so many different choices available it can be difficult to make a good and informed decision when selecting what to wear. Read on for some more information about different kinds of skate wear available.


Bodysuits are an important piece of skate wear for a skater to invest in. A good quality bodysuit will have clean lines, good and even stitching, and won’t bunch during skating. A neutral bodysuit will allow the skater to wear a dress, skirt, or shorts and still be covered while on the ice. This piece of skate wear comes in a few different styles, with legs that go over your skates, shorter legs that don’t, and ones that strap under your foot to make sure they stay in place. No matter what kind of outfit you plan on wearing while skating, a bodysuit is a great investment piece that will allow you to wear more options.


Dresses are always an attractive piece of skate wear when you’re performing. With all the different colors and styles it is becoming easier to match your outfit to your performance. Figure skaters work very hard on their routines and make sure that their music fits it as well as possible, and with all the different styles of dresses available, they can now make their routine even more streamlined. A proper dress for ice skating will fit well without being too restrictive. Whether you choose long or short sleeve is up to you, but a skirt that will twirl out from your body during spins is always attractive. This piece of skate wear can be worn over and over during practice, with a more standout dress reserved for individual performances or competitions.

Shorts and Pants

Shorts are similar to clothes in that they allow a large range of motion for the skater. When worn with a bodysuit, this piece of skate wear will keep you warm while allowing you to stretch yourself and to flex your muscles. You won’t worry about coverage when pairing a pair or shorts with a neutral bodysuit and will love the warmth on your legs that the bodysuit provides. Pants, on the other hand, don’t need to be worn with a bodysuit. They’re perfect for practice, but not as showy a piece of skate wear as a dress is, so wearing them for competition might be a little strange. But when you’re perfecting your routine they’re an excellent way to keep your legs warm and protected from any falls. Getting hurt by the ice or by your skate blade can ruin practice and pants will keep that from happening.


A lot of competition figure and ice skaters like to wear gloves during their performances. Gloves do double duty of keeping your hands protected in case of falls and also adding some flair to your outfit. As a piece of skate wear, they are durable and readily customizable with the addition of jewels and crystals. By doing so, you not only show your personality, but you jazz up what can often be a rather boring piece of skate wear.

As you can see, there are some different options when it comes to choosing your ideal skate wear. You can mix and match what you were in some different combinations depending on what you need for the day. During practice, you might want to be covered up and so will choose longer skate wear like pants and a shirt, while during a performance it’s time to pull out all the stops and really wow the crowd with an amazing dress. Whatever you are looking regarding skate wear, there is sure to be something available to fit your needs. By making sure that you have some different skate wear pieces available to you, you can always be ready to race at any time and in any conditions.