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Figure Skating Apparel: The Basics

figure skating apparel

Every year a growing number of people discover figure skating for the first time.  Finding love in a sport that requires skill and grace, the first thing people will look to get is the right equipment.  If you are new to figure skating, or if you are experienced and want to know more about figure skating apparel, then the following guide is written for you.

The Basics

According to the governing body for figure skating in the United States (USFSA), there are more than 140,000 registered members in the states and millions more who engage in figure skating recreationally.  While only a tiny fraction makes their way to national or Olympic levels of performance, countless more will spend their lives perfecting their skill and using figure skating as a way to stay healthy and happy.  Regardless of their skill or your experience, having the right equipment can go a long way.  While many people will invest solely in an excellent pair of ice skates, having matching apparel that provides the maximum protection and comfort is important.  

What Is Figure Skating Apparel?

Figure skating apparel covers everything and anything designed with figure skating in mind that can be used as clothing.  It can include things like what professionals wear during the competition to the clothing you can find in the exercise department of any big box store.  The benefit of figure skating apparel is that it can be found just about anywhere with a pretty nice selection.  At the same time, quality is of particular importance when it comes to clothing for the sport.  Simply put, the majority of what you find in the sports sections of larger stores may be questionable in quality and durability.  The thing you should look for is brands.  In particular, websites that specifically cater towards the sport can be the best place for you to look, as they will know what to look for regarding quality.  

  • Figure skating apparel can mean just about anything relating to the sport
  • There is a wide selection of quality out there
  • While big box stores may have less expensive clothes, the quality is questionable
  • Consider specialty shops either online or brick and mortar shops that cater specifically towards ice skating

Clothing & Companies

One of the most popular forms of figure skating dress is tights.  Designed to keep you warm during hours of practice on the ice, clothes can vary a lot in quality.  Typically, tights created specifically for training will be better made and survive a lot longer.  They will do a slightly better job at protecting your legs from ice that comes up or during falls.  When it comes to tights, their longevity, thickness, and material selection make a colossal difference.  An alternative to tights is fitted pants.  Depending on what you are comfortable with, fitted pants can provide the same level of protection without limiting your movement.

Another thing to consider is ice skating shirts and jackets.  Breathability is essential.  Your body may produce a lot of sweat and having fabric designed for ice skating will help you stay warm instead of getting super cold when the sweat gets cold.  There is also the fit.  Figure skating jackets designed for the sport will ride up less as you are on the ice, causing less hassle while you are practicing.  More often than not, it is the thousand little things about specially designed clothing for figure skating that makes them much better than general purpose clothes

  • A lot of consideration goes into figure skating clothing built for that purpose
  • Tights are a favorite figure skating apparel choice, and quality makes a big difference
  • Figure skating apparel like jackets designed for the sport will be less of a hassle

A Place For You To Explore

If you want an idea of what brands are worth selecting, then consider going to  There you can find a selection of leading brands that you can trust.  Skates.Guru carefully chooses their selection to guarantee that no matter what you buy, it will have use and purpose when you are on the ice.  If you are new to figure skating apparel, then go here to get a good sense of how much things will cost and what you should expect from your clothing.  Good luck!