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Figure Skating Apparel – pants

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10 Things you’ll never want to figure skate without

Figure skating is always one of the most physically demanding sports that anyone can participate in, but it also happens to be one of the most mentally and emotionally demanding games as well.

To be at the tip top of your game when it matters most, you need to be able to effortlessly go from your home or your hotel room to the rink and right out onto the ice without ever having to worry about anything else whatsoever.

Any distractions – and we mean ANY distractions – whatsoever can cause you to make even the smallest of mistakes or missteps during your routine. And if that happens, it can mean the difference between winning it all and going home without any hardware.

This is why you need to make sure that you have everything you need to successfully compete at any competition (at every level) in your possession the when you get ready to skate. You also need to make sure that everything is set up, organized intelligently, and ready to rock and roll when you are.

And that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide!

Be sure that you have all of these ten things with you every single time you get ready to do a bit of figure skating, and you won’t have anything to worry about going forward. You’ll never find yourself shaking in your skater pants, that’s for sure!

A top-quality skater bag

Your high-quality skater bag is going to be your mobile headquarters when you are competing, and it’s always going to be a big part of your ability to get the most out of your training and your athletic abilities.

It needs to be well made, it needs to be well-organized, and it needs to be big enough to carry everything you need without being too big and too heavy that it limits or hinders your athletic performance in any way.

Figure skates that fit perfectly

Believe it or not, there are more horror stories out there about figure skaters that have forgotten their figure skates before a significant competition than most people would ever like to admit.

Each and every single one of those stories is heartbreaking.

To make sure that you don’t ever find yourself in the middle of a truly embarrassing situation like this you’ll want to be 100% sure that your figure skates are in your skating bag and ready to go before you ever had down to the ice.

Blade guards that work

Your figure skates are going to be pretty expensive no matter what, and they are going to be the most important piece of your figure skating gear load out – which is why they have to be protected as best they possibly can be.

Get your hands on a quality guard for each of your blades, and you’ll be able to protect them from damage, giving you the confidence to know that your figure skating blades are ready to rock when you step out on the ice!

Don’t forget about your soakers, either

You’ll also need to make sure that you can protect your figure skates during transportation, and it just isn’t going to cut it by locking your blades into plastic guards when you’re away from the ice. Slap some soakers on your blades, and they’ll be brand-new after transportation so that they can be trusted out on the ice.

Extra cloths to wipe down your blades with

The best way to clean and maintain your skates is to use the clause on hand to wipe down all of the ice and excess moisture from the leaves as soon as you leave the surface of the ice.

Figure skating blades can rust in a hurry, which is why you’ll want to be so vigilant about taking care of them and maintaining them.

Plenty of water to stay hydrated

One of the most important things you’ll have to be sure you have on hand every time you go skating (ranking right up there with your skater pants and your skates themselves), you’ll have to keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after your competition – and that means drinking plenty of water.

Don’t forget the tunes!

Probably the best thing to help you make the most of your time practicing, music. Usually in the form of a compact media player but sometimes in the shape of music that you plug directly into the rink’s PA system. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of music to practice and compete to when you go skating.

An extra set of skater pants

Skater pants aren’t always the least expensive piece of racing apparel that you can get your hands on, but it is always a great idea to have a backup set on hand – especially when you are going to be competing.

Make sure that the backup skater pants are identical twins to the ones that you were thinking about wearing in the first place and you won’t have anything to worry about.

A beautiful and toasty jacket

You are going to have to wear something when you’re going through your warm-up routine, and the odds are pretty good that you’ll want to have that jacket on hand when you’re done with your competitive method as well.

A coat is going to be the best thing to keep you nice and toasty when you aren’t on the ice, as it was effortless to slip on and off as need be.

Snacks are critical

You don’t ever want to overload your body with a heavy meal right before you go out on the ice, but that doesn’t mean that you want your blood sugar levels to flatline, either.

Keep a handful of snacks on hand to boost your energy and to improve your mode. Chow down about 30 minutes before you hit the ice and you’ll be all set to dominate!