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Figure Skating Costumes: What To Keep In Mind

figure skating costumes

It’s hard to understand that choosing a dress for a skater is important.

Beginning With The Neckline

There are more than dozen different necklines alone that you can consider when it comes to putting together your figure skating costume.  For example, do you want a basic rounded neckline, a deep rounded neckline, or a V-cut?  How about a halter neck front or even a polo neck?  What about the high neck, or even a princess/deep princess that doesn’t even have a defined neckline?  How much skin do you want to show and will you use a lighter material to help differentiate aspects of the neckline?

Bust Line

There are several different bus lines to consider depending on what you enjoy.  The princess, deep princess, straight line, and M-shaped bust line gives you several options that work with figure skating costumes.  Besides, you can experiment with different options to find the right look for what you are trying to do.  Consider drawing it out first to see if it works visually before you start making the plan or sending the information to a professional sewer.  


Sleeves are another part of the ice skating costume that gives you many options.  Again, the option you choose can dramatically change how the overall outfit looks.  Common sleeve options include full-length with the point, full length without the point, cap sleeve, short sleeve, M-shaped, or straight line.  Sleeves may be necessary for some competitions that impose strict regulations on what is and what is not allowed for competitive use.  

Your Back

So far we have discussed mostly the front of the ice skating costume.  So, what about the back?  There are just as many options for the back as there are for the front.  Some of the most popular include wide straps, spaghetti straps, inch wide straps, keyhole, flat access, V and deep V, round and deep round, and bareback.  The straps can also be oriented in different ways.  Sunshine rays, upside down V, laced-up, spider back, cross over, and even more than two straps have all been done in the past

The Skirt

Last but not least, the skirt offers, even more, options to customize your outfit.  The first thing to consider is the skirt waist seam.  After that, you can select from a variety of skirt hemlines including homologous, short with back tail, long length, and asymmetrical.  

Figure Skating Parts To Consider

  • Figure Skating Costume neckline
  • The Bust Line
  • The Sleeves
  • Your Back
  • The Skirt

Working Out An Idea

Many people find a dress that works as their inspiration for the look they want.  This is an excellent way to go, especially if you do not have a firm idea of what you want.  Consider also working with a professional sewer to draw up the plans.  By doing it with them from the start, you can get a better idea of how the outfit will look when it is completed.   

You may also want to consider drawing the plans yourself just to see how they look.  It may turn out that you find an excellent look simply by experimenting with the pieces above.  Even if you do not go with a custom made figure skating costume, you can still use what you’ve learned to more quickly select among what is already available.  If nothing else, you have a better idea of what you are looking for in the future.  

Putting It All Together

What is listed above includes a lot of variables that help to make every ice skating dress unique?  With some trial and error, you can mix and match these designs to create your ideal figure skating costume.  Until then, good luck making your perfect costume a reality and use the above guide as a way to help realize your outfit dreams.