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Why Finding the Best Figure Skating Clothes Matters


Your image in competitions is as important as your skills.

One of your best-advanced skills should be preparing an attractive ensemble for your next ice skating competition. By now, you know what judges look for. You know how to do this; you just might not know why it’s so imperative that you pull it off flawlessly. Before you get lazy with it and start settling on an average-looking outfit, take some time to consider how a little effort can go a long way.

What Are the Different Types of Ice Skating Clothes?

There are lots of various articles of clothes that are considered exclusively designed for figure skating. Such items include, but are not limited to, ice skates, boot cover tights, pants, pantsuits, dresses, body suits, and hair accessories. While it may seem like an overwhelming task to coordinate all that, it’s fun when you understand the importance of it.

What Can Good Ice Skating Clothes Do for You?

Picking out the best ice skating clothes is an essential part of any competition. There are numerous reasons why being choosey is not only necessary but also recommended. Yes, you can skate in a pair of loose fitting sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt, but that won’t win you any favor over the audience or judges. Furthermore, it won’t help to keep you safe as you twist and turn like an expert on the ice.

Good ice skating clothes have a variety of advantages associated with them, which why everyone wears them. Regardless of the high cost often associated with these specialized garments, the quality and comfort provided by them tend to justify the price for most active athletes. When polled, the average skater reported that they appreciated good ice skating clothes because of the following reasons:

A.Their performance depends on it.

A terrific performance requires a lot of focus, and that focus cannot be on your clothes. The outfit you wear needs to be as close fitting and comfortable as humanly possible to prevent slippage and accidents. What you’re doing out there on the ice is already risky. Do not make things worse on yourself by wearing something baggy or of low quality.

B.They always feel better about themselves during their performance.

Skaters who wear high-quality ice skating clothes have more confidence on and off the ice. This improved level of self-esteem helps them to skate better they say, which is a benefit that never hurt anybody.

C.They notice that the judges and audience take them more seriously.

Experienced figure skaters know how to work the audience in their favor, and most of them realize that their ice skating clothes play a huge role in the opinions of those watching. Being taken more seriously can lead to more respect and higher scores in competitions.

D.They feel more prepared and energized.

Athletes who wear well-appointed ice skating clothes tend to be better prepared for the twists and turns of heated competition. Without having to turn their attention on what they’re wearing, they can focus more intently on their routine and thus perform at optimal levels.

Why High-Quality Ice Skating Clothes Make an Impact on Judges

When competing ice skaters battle for first place, there is a lot of similar talent on the ice. Wearing something attractive and fitted is not only enjoyable to watching, but it is also a sign of respect to onlookers. It says you take your position as an entertainer seriously and that you came to win. Dressing in anything but the best says that you don’t mind if you lose. Unless that’s true, it’s probably a good idea to dress for success whenever you can, even if doing so costs a little bit more than you anticipated.