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Finding The Right Ice Skating Dress For You

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If you buying your first skating dress, then the following guide help you.

Why Worry About The Ice Skating Dress?

In the end, why do clothes matter in a sport defined by skill?  Simply put, the clothes act to complete the overall experience that is ice skating.  Becoming the physical form and demonstrating through talent what is being conveyed by your routine and the music, what you wear unifies these themes.  When done correctly, the experience is amplified.  It is for this reason and others that people will invest lots of money and time into finding the right ice skating dress for their routine.

Symbols In Music

With a piece put to music, ice skating combines the audio and visual with the tenancy, hard work, and determination.  Every method will be unique.  Even two approaches played to the same song will be different, reflecting the skater’s interpretation of the symbols in the music.  What you get from the music should be your first indicator as to the direction you should go with your outfit.  Look to what the music has been used for in the past.  Does it elicit particular animals, colors, or forms?  Is there something people associate with the song itself?  If there is, then you can have a custom ice skating dress designed that works these themes into the outfit.  

Personal Statement

Many times an outfit can be your statement about the piece.  For example, different colors can signify dramatically different takes on form and music, providing a unique critique of the process as a whole.  Putting this into your outfit requires that you have a personal statement to make and that the crowd will get your reference.  Very tricky to pull off, the results are none-the-less amazing when done right.

Representing Something Greater

If you are skating in a competition and you are serving something bigger than yourself, then you may want to incorporate those elements into what you are doing.  For example, representing your town, state, or country in a competition can mean donning their colors.  If you have pride in where you come from, then your dress may be the perfect place to show it.

Inspirational Sources For Ice Skating Dresses

  • The symbols that come up in the music you are skating to
  • The personal statement that you are trying to make regarding the music and your overall performance
  • Representing something greater than yourself through ice skating dresses like where you are from

Where To Get Skating Dresses

For a higher level competition, you can have a dress made especially for the event.  An expensive option, many use one for a year or so to make it more affordable.  For anything below a competition, the majority of people will buy mass produced ice skating dresses.  The best places to buy these clothes are from stores that specialize in ice skating equipment and gear.  A good example of one such store where you can purchase a range of skates is  There you can select through their apparel and see a selection of general clothes and get a sense for the brands and materials used.

Finding A Place To Start Looking

If you are unsure what brands to start with, then there is a way you can quickly learn.  Go online and search for message boards or forums where people talk about ice skating.  There will typically be a few threads on clothing, outfits, and dress selection.  There you can get information on what brands work and what brands you may want to consider avoiding.  You will also get information on cost and may even be able to snag skating dresses second hand.