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Finding The Perfect Ice Dance Dress

Are you interested in figure skating?  You are not alone.  Every year, millions of Americans will discover figure skating and begin practicing.  An excellent way to improve balance, dexterity, strength, fortitude, and determination, figure skating can be considered a form of medication as well as exercise.  While there are some that take their aspirations to the Olympic level, much more will be content in pursuing smaller less formal competitions where they can display their skill.  Whether you are 10 or 50, competition can be an incredible amount of fun. 

Succeeding at a contest comes down to some factors.  First, there is the time and attention you put into your routine.  There is the complexity of the method and how well it manages to fit the music choice.  Last but not least, there is the ice dance dress you decide to wear on the day of the competition.  

Interesting in finding the perfect ice dance dress for your next competition?  Below we break down the basics of a figure skating dress to give you a close look at what you will want to search for when choosing that perfect dress.  With any luck, you will leave this tutorial better able to choose the right material, find the right look, and decide on your buyer. 

1.  Deciding On A Buyer

 After you get a basic sense of what you may want to buy, the best way to begin limiting your search is to take action on a company.  Simply put, not every ice skating dress will be of the same quality, durability, and comfort.  Some may be flashy but horrid to wear while others may be toned down and a pleasure to put on and take off.  For the majority of individuals, their ice skating dress will come from one of four possible locations; online, store, second hand, and sale.

Online offers the greatest selection of ice skating dresses.  They are the best place to check for ideas about what can be done regarding patterning and color choice.  While they make purchasing an ice skating dress comfortable, they come with one major flaw.  In particular, you cannot try them on before purchasing.  This makes it hard to get a sense as to whether or not it will be comfortable to wear or looks good on your frame. 

A store will have a limited selection of choices and sizes.  However, it will allow you to try things on to see whether or not they fit comfortably.  Stores may be a little more expensive than online outlets.  At the same time, you can get the advice of the store clerk whose experience may be invaluable when you are selecting what to get.

Purchasing an ice skating dress second-hand means saving lots of money on something that is most likely of high quality and worth reselling.  Be sure to try it on before purchasing and carefully check to see what kind of wear and tear has occurred.  Check the seams for threads and places that may need to be re-sown.  Check the fabric around common fall points to see if it has been worn away by previous falls. 

Purchasing an ice skating dress for sale online is your last option.  The least expensive choice by far, you may get lucky and pick up a fantastic dress at a significant discount.  At the same time, there may be things wrong with the ice skating dress that you do not know about until you get it home.  Beware that many sales have policies on not being allowed to return the product if it does not meet your liking. 

2.  Choose The Right Material

Figure skating dresses can be made from some different materials and blends.  The typical ice skating dress you will find for sale new from traditional companies will be a polyester, spandex, and nylon mix.  This provides the dress with comfort, stretch, and durability for extended wear.  In short, the better the material is, the longer you will have to go before replacing the dress or attempting to sew it back together. 

An important thing to consider when making a purchase is the material stretch.  Most materials will extend in one of two ways.  It will either provide a two-way stretch where it can stretch in say a parallel but not vertical manner.  It can also come in 4 way stretch where it can stretch in every direction.  Typically, the four-way stretch will provide a better overall fit, especially if you are between sizes. 

3.  Finding The Right Look

Last but not least, finding the right look means choosing the right color, the right pattern, whether or not you want crystals and the length of the skirt.  Based on your personal aesthetic as well as the music you are performing too, what you decide in each of these categories can make a big difference in how you look.  Be aware that the current trend is towards toned down looks.