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Finest Ice Skating Wichita KS

With ice skating Wichita Ks, you can combine ice, skating, music, and friends in one sentence.

People come to Wichita for various reasons which include:

  • Figure skating
  • Hockey
  • Speed skating
  • League skating
  • Public skating

The fun in the ice skating Wichita Ks is unforgettable. The first place you will need to make a stop-over is the pro shop. Here, you will find the top notch equipment for your skating stocked.

Learn to skate

Not all of us are professionals when it comes to skating. This, however, does not mean that you cannot learn from one level to the next. The ‘Learn to Skate program’ that was introduced at this center has proven quite helpful to the beginners. The skills taught here by the top level experts will make you a pro. The USA Basic Skills learned here exposes you to everything that you ever needed to know about ice skating.

The other skills that you will learn include those above, that is, speed skating, figure skating and hock eying on skates.

What makes ice skating Wichita Ks so unique and attractive?

Some features have enabled it to be one of the best in the world. These include:

The twin surface

The facility is not a single one but a double surface. This makes the center quite formidable for ice skating among other closely related services. The rink here is also massive. Where else do you come to a rink that is the size of the Olympics’?

Discounted admissions

While other centers hike their ticket prices, here the price is offered at discounted rates. The skating rental and the skating rental will not cost you more than $10. By the way, did you know there are more than several free things that you can do here at the ice skating Wichita Ks? Well, every year, the center facilitates some events which will not cost you a dime. There is the exploration center, museum, Great Plains, the City Arts and window shopping in the old town.

Hockey leagues

Playing in the hockey leagues is perhaps one of the most notable highlights of the events here. You could join it and have fun competing with other teams.

Open skating

For those who love the public skating, the open skating offers that grand opportunity. You need not be a professional to participate. You can horn your skills at this level before going professional.

Professional skating

Those who have turned professional find an ideal way to prove their mettle. It is at this center that you will be able to play competitively.


Sampling some of the feedback left by the previous visitors is always impressive. Many are exhilarated by their experience with their friends. The cleanliness, ease of access, affordability is some of the positive feedbacks given. The rented skates require some bit of repair while others observed that ice was a bit tight. All in all, it is a worthwhile experience.