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Get the Inside Scoop on the US Figure Skating Championships 2016

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The 2016 US Figure Skating Championships ran from the fifteen of January to the twenty-fourth of January.

They were held in the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. The venue for this prestigious ice skating contest was the Xcel Energy Center, and some events also took place at Bloomington Ice Garden.

During the competition, there was a host of game types, including ladies singles, men’s singles, ice dancing and pairs skating. Competitors were slotted into different categories, including the juvenile, novice, junior, intermediate and senior.

Results from the competition are part of the criteria for selecting competitors for other big competitions, including the World Junior Championships and the Four Continents competition.

If you love ice skating, you may want to plan for attendance at the 2017 World Championships. If you want to see what happened at the 2016 competition, you’ll probably be able to find some videos on YouTube which highlight the grace, athleticism and fancy footwork of competitors.

Ice skating is such a beautiful sport. It’s a demanding sport which is all about performing complicated moves and making them look utterly effortless. While a few spills are part and parcel of these competitions, the fact that anything can happen tends to make high-level competitions incredibly exciting to watch.

Figure skating fans find that World Championships are second only to the Olympics regarding being truly addictive to view. They are televised events, so people all over the world have the chance to watch competitors from their home countries battle it out on the ice! Some lucky people are also able to attend in person, and there is so much energy in the crowd while they types of competitions are happening. In fact, many attendees consider seeing World Championships in person to be “bucket list” activities.

Do You Love Figure Skating?

If you want to do figure skating in your town or city, you’ll need the right skates.

As well, you may want to seek out qualified instruction at a local rink. It’s never too late to start figure skating, as long as you have a decent level of fitness. You’ll find that you build strength, endurance, and grace as you practice this traditional sport. It’s perfect for the body since it tones muscles, burns calories and feels good. It’s quite freeing to glide on the ice and mastering new figure skating moves will make you feel powerful.

You may shop for great figure skates online, which offer the ideal blend of style, comfort, and support. These skates don’t need to cost a fortune. They are available at different price points and certain brands, such as the respected American brand, Jackson, provide skaters with high quality for fair prices. Choose beginner figure skates if you’re just starting out. Later on, you may want to upgrade to competition-level figure skates. Figure skates are available for women, men and kids and they come with the perfect blades and blade tips, as well as boots which are classic in appearance.

In addition to high-quality figure skates, you’ll need skate guards which cover the blades when they aren’t being used, as well as suitable skating apparel.

Many women choose skating dresses or leggings. Men tend to wear sports leggings when they are practicing and fancier costumes for competition-level ice skating.

World Championships are renowned for their capacity to inspire figure skaters of all ages and skill levels. They show figure skaters what is possible when enough talent, determination and hard work is put into figure skating. While everyone can’t be a World Champion or World Championship competitor, everyone can achieve personal bests in this sport. Lessons and practice are the keys to success, as well as having the right skating equipment.

If you need new figure skates, we recommend buying them from an American online retailer which offers authentic Jackson skates and high-quality skating accessories and skating apparel. 

This will be the key to finding quality and access the best prices. As well, shopping at an American skate shop which operates online will be a terrific way to support the American skating industry. Once you have your new skates, you’ll be able to do figure skating at local rinks or a frozen pond. It’s such a great way to get fit and stay that way!