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How to Care for Your Girl Figure Skates

girls figure skates

Girl figure skates are an investment, which is why you should make sure to but the best your money can afford when you do find yourself in the market for ice skates. Simply settling for any pair shouldn’t be your objective. Instead, find a set of girl figure skates that you’re comfortable in, that fit your budget, and that will last a long time.

Aside from choosing girl figure skates that are durable and branded, it’s important that you also observe the necessary practices to ensure that your ice skates are kept in peak condition for as long as you have them. This won’t only prolong the life of your investment, but will also make it possible for you to enjoy a comfortable skating experience each and every time.

How to Care for Girl Figure Skates

1.Wipe Them After Use – Although the ice you skate on is frozen solid, you should know that the ice that’s shaved off as you glide on it will remain on your girl figure skates for a while after you remove them. This also applies to the moisture your feet create as you move and skate. Because it’s no secret how moisture can damage your boots, especially if they’re made of leather, you should make sure to wipe them down thoroughly before you pack them away. Ensure that you get rid of as much moisture as you possibly can to limit damage and moisture absorption.

2.Leave Them to Dry – It’s common practice among ice skaters to stash their girl figure skates immediately after use, but this could cause your boots to become damaged faster than normal. Keep in mind that boots can absorb up to a pound of moisture after every use, so try to leave them out to dry before you put them in your bag. Loosen the laces and pull out the tongue, then leave them under sunlight or in a warm, dry room to air out.

3.Coat Them with Silicone Protectant – No matter how much you might try to protect your girl figure skates from moisture, there will always be a certain amount of moisture that will be absorbed into the leather. The best way tops prevent this aside from wiping them and drying them out is to use a silicone protectant. Many shoe stores and girl figure skates sellers offer this at an affordable price, so be sure to stock up and coat your boots as necessary.

4.Use Blade Guards – Blade guards are girl figure skates accessories that are used to protect your blades when not in use. Avoid packing your girl figure skates without the guards as items in your bag could damage the blades. What’s more, blade guards also protect the metal from corrosion and rust. It also pays to keep in mind that keeping the blades protected will prevent the chrome finish from chipping and scratches.

5.Wipe Blades Before and After Use – Before you go out on the ice, wipe your blades to remove any residue or dirt that may have been left behind from previous use. Wipe them again after use to remove any moisture. As much as possible, limit the exposure of your blades to moisture as this could cause rust and corrosion later on. Use a clean, dry cloth for wiping your blades and place the blade guards on your girl figure skates as soon as you’re done using them.

6.Avoid Using Broken Guards – Some people think that blade guard are only good for protecting other items from potential damage caused by blades, but that’s not the case. Blade guards are used to protecting the blades of your girl figure skates themselves, so be sure your blade guards are in good condition. Broken blade guards could expose your blades to damage, which is why it’s important to replace your blade guards as soon as your pair start to show signs of wear and tear.

7.Get Them Sharpened – Just like a knife or a pair of scissors, the blades on your girl figure skates can also become dull, causing a significant change in your performance. Dull blades can slow you down, and can even cause accidents and injuries out on the ice. While some might think that they can simply sharpen their girl figure skates DIY style, that’s not always the best idea. There is a certain skill to sharpening the blades, and if you want to get the best results for your girl figure skates, you should consider seeing a professional help you sharpen your blades.

Your girl figure skates are an investment, so be sure to treat them like they are. Take these tips with you the next time you use your skates so you can keep them in top shape for many years to come.