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Girls Skates

girls skates

Listed are four easy tips to help determine the classification, level, features and style of girls skates that are right for you.

 Four Basic Tips to Get You Rolling with Girls skate

 Skate classification

 Classification segments and defines your reasons and goals for skating. Whether you enjoy skating for sheer pleasure, working out, or maybe you aspire to skate marathons, determine the main reason you want to skate.

 Girls skates – Like the name implies these skates specialize in performance and speed to give you an excellent cardiovascular workout, to develop muscles and build endurance.

 Girls Skates – These skates are for pleasure or leisure skating, although you will receive similar benefits as you would from a fitness skate, the designs are focused more on support, stability, and comfort.

Skate level

 If you are a rookie learning the basic skills, you probably don’t want to jump into a powerful women’s skate the pros use – at least not just yet. Factors such as stability are more important at this level. Consider your experience to determine whether you are a beginner or possibly an intermediate skater.

Remember to challenge yourself a little. If you haven’t been on girls skates before then, you are probably a beginner. However, if you have dabbled a bit in the past, feel comfortable and are athletic then go to the intermediate level.Girls skates are an investment, so you’ll want to grow with them as long as you can.

Skate features

 Once you understand your goals and level, it’s time to pick out exciting features.

 Boot – Recreational skates typically have a softer outer boot than fitness skates, although both styles have a soft, comfortable inner lining consisting of memory foam to mold your feet. The boot and cuffs are also higher around the ankle in recreational skates to provide more support and balance.

 Wheels – In general, recreational skates have a smaller wheel range than fitness skates, as size increases so do speed. For entry level skaters 76 to 78 mm is a practical size to start with.

 Frame – The entry level recreational lines start with tough plastic frames, but if you want more flexibility for gliding then move up to an aluminum frame.

Skate style

 As trivial as it appears, style is important. You may feel somehow awkward when you first start out, but you certainly don’t have to look it. With so many amazing styles, materials and colors on the market you can always look your best.

Rookie’s Choice

 Picking the right Girls skates for starters can be overwhelming, so the best advice is to look in the mid-range. You shouldn’t spend too much on your first pair because they are going to take a beating. However, quality does increase as you move up towards the high end.