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What Goes Into An Ice Skating Costume? Let’s Find Out!

ice skating costumes

A lot goes into an ice skating costume.  

The Cut

The cut of the ice skating costume is what makes each and every design unique.  Simply put, there are dozens of customizable options that don’t become immediately apparent unless you understand sewing or are already familiar with the possible plans.  Below we include a detailed look at all the different aspects of the cut that you can consider.

Figure Skating Parts To Consider

  • Figure Skating Costume neckline
  • The Bust Line
  • The Sleeves
  • Your Back
  • The Skirt

Neckline options include basic rounded neckline, a deep rounded neckline, a V-cut, a halter neck front, a polo neck, high neck, and even a princess/deep princes’s neckline.  The cut of the neckline depends on the cut of the rest of the dress as well as what you are attempting to accomplish through your look.  Given the proximity to your head, the neckline is what many people will first notice about your outfit.

Traditional bust line options for ice skating costumes include the princess, thick princess, straight line, and M-shaped bust lines.  Many bus lines will include a translucent fabric that exposes the skin partially but provides a more conservative cut.  This is often a popular choice when stricter guidelines requiring the cut of the outfit are needed for competition, yet the ice skater wants to create the look of more exposed skin.  

Sleeves options include full-length with the point, full length without the point, cap sleeve, short sleeve, M-shaped, or straight line.  Like necklines, sleeves can help to alter the overall appearance of the outfit.  How much people see of skin verse the outfit can change what they are looking at throughout your routine.  Finding the right mix is crucial for pushing the eye of the spectator where you want it to go.  

There is a broad range of options for your back, including wide straps, spaghetti straps, inch wide straps, keyhole, flat access, V and deep V, round and thick round, and bareback.  There are also many different orientations of straps that you can select from including sunshine rays, upside down V, laced-up, spider back, and cross over.  Many people decide straps on personal comfort and the amount of exposure they want with their ice skating costume.  

Option for the ice skating costume skirt includes waist seam and homologous, short with back tail, long length, and asymmetrical cuts.  While clothes are kept relatively short, you can pull off longer skirts depending on the aesthetic you are trying to reach and your comfort in trying to pull it off.  

The Color

Colors signify different things depending on the context.  For example, a red rose is a declaration of love while a red apple is something tasty to eat.  The same applies to the significance of color in how it relates to the music you are skating too.  What may be an appropriate set of colors for one piece may not be suitable for another.  Consider your color choice carefully and look up the inspiration of what other people have done in the past.  You may just be inspired by what you see.

The Material Selection

There are several different materials to select from for ice skating costumes.  Each has their own benefits and drawbacks.  Material selection is important because it will determine how long your dress lasts, how frequently you can use it, and how well the material recovers from things like falls.  A better quality material means improved durability as well as a potentially higher cost.

The Brand Or Creator

Last but not least, you may want to consider the brand or creator when selecting ice skating costumes.  A lot goes into a brand or an individual that creates figure skating dresses.  Each will have their techniques and provide unique benefits depending on what you are looking for.