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Horton Plaza Ice Skating San Diego


San Diego is fondly referred to as the finest city in America. There could be other reasons for saying so but ultimately; the Horton Plaza Ice skating is the icing on the cake. To simply call it fantasy on ice is an understatement. Only by sampling what is on offer shall we be able to support this claim. There is so much that you will get in this facility.

Ice skating outdoor

The availability of the outdoor rink is a plus for those who like the fun of ice skating. Although the skating is seasonal, this does not dampen the spirit of skating enthusiasts who can’t wait for the season to begin. There is that moment when all lace their skates in a maddening dash to glide beneath the starry nights.

Open skating sessions

There are open skating sessions as well some other special events in the calendar. This goes on for a whole month uninterrupted.

Family events

The entire idea of the Horton Plaza Ice skating is to bring families as well as fundraising for a charitable cause. You can choose to join the local community’s effort to raise funds as well as have a lot of fun. The Rady’s Hospital was, for instance, part of the last time’s community’s effort. The proceeds that were raised in the ice skating went towards the hospital.

How about some cool Christmas music while skating? To add some fun to the ice skating experience, all that you need to do is to ice skate while listening to the Christmas carols played here. It is an unforgettable experience to those who have visited this place before.

Family centred

Nothing brings families together than having an outing together. The facility is family centered, hence a perfect place for you to visit with your family.  Horton Plaza Ice skating has very supportive staff.

One visitor recalls having his daughter of 6 receiving free lessons on skating. It is such memorable experiences which make this place simply awesome. It also happens to be an ideal location for people with little kids.

Ample parking

When you come for ice skating here, you do not have to worry so much about parking. It is easy to park, and despite the link being slightly smaller, it will not stop you from breathing the fresh air as you skate.  Once you are done with your sessions, you would just wish that this goes on and on for months till year end.

Stuff to carry

The place can be a little cold and the ice wet. Those intending to take on the wet, icy surface are advised carry with them an extra pair of socks. The breeze could bite and be a little uncomfortable for you and the kids. To keep off the cold and stay warm, one is advised to carry mittens for the young ones as well as gloves for the adults.

Come and join the community for a noble cause while enjoying world -class ice skating here in San Diego.