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Ice Skating In Albuquerque New Mexico

albuquerque ice skating

You might find yourself in Albuquerque New Mexico; you are a few hundred miles away from our border with old Mexico. Around you are unforgiving desert and rugged mountain ranges. The water preserving, heat defying cactus is a common sight in your day to day life.  You are in a place where ice is not a common thing to find, but it can even be difficult at times to get it in its liquid form.

Why Would I find A Rink In Albuquerque New Mexico?

Where do you even find an ice rink in a place like this? Not to sound rude, who is crazy enough to build one? Well, my guess is someone who wants to make some money. Winter sports are becoming more and more popular in warm places. Cities Arabian Peninsula cities like Dubai, not only have many ice rinks; they also have indoor ski hills and luge tracks.

Who Would Want To Ice Skate In A Place That Is Usually Hot?

Why would people want to do hot physical activities in a hot place? Many people in hot places are attracted to winter sports because they do not get a winter sometimes or in some places not at all. It is a great escape to skate in a room that is 42 degrees cooler. It’s a growing trend of indoor sports across the board including indoor rock climbing and other sports such as soccer and a modified forms of American football.

Where Can I Ice Skate In Albuquerque New Mexico?

You would think the city where the desert meets the Rockies would not have many rinks. But Albuquerque New Mexico has quite a few options. One new option includes a little open-air synthetic ice rink downtown. Here you can eat food from a choice of a few local food trucks and rent a pair of skates for $3.

Albuquerque New Mexico also a few more traditional indoor sports arena choices. One of those choices is the Outpost Ice Arena. It features two full-size Ice rinks and a nice spectator area with concessions. A great place for competitors or novices. The Out Post Ice Arena features locker rooms and meeting rooms. Also, features a game area and free skate for those just looking for a good time.

Another option is Blades Multiplex Arenas, in Rio Rancho just south of  Albuquerque New Mexico.