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Ice Skating in Albuquerque

Outpost Ice Arena

In Albuquerque, you can find an excellent place for indoor ice skating.

At Outpost Ice Arena, you will find a one of a kind skating arena. The CooLLoop uses hydraulic boards, creating nearly 1/5 of a mile of indoor skating space. This makes it one of the world’s largest ice skating surfaces in the entire world!

At Outpost Ice Arena, they offer public skating sessions.

This gives you the opportunity for an afternoon of family fun. There are full concessions provided if you need drinks or snacks during your visit, as well.

Classes are offered at the Outpost Ice Arena and are sponsored through the USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association). This skating program, allows beginning skaters of all ages to learn the basics of ice skating. They will be taught the proper and safe way to skate. Included in their tuition are many perks, including automatic membership of the USFSA Basic Skills program.

There are classes and sessions of hockey provided at Outpost as well.

The hockey school is directed by Steve Thompson and Ian Ballinger. They have classes for absolute beginners and those who are looking to spruce up their skills a bit. They even offer power classes that allow skaters to learn at a much faster pace.

When you come in for a day of skating, or a class, it is suggested that you dress in layers. This will allow you to be comfortable while skating. The facility tends to be a bit cool, due to having to keep the temperature lower to maintain the ice in good condition. You will want to wear layers so you can adjust quickly to your comfort level. It is also a good idea to wear long pants and gloves or mittens for added warmth.  

The pro shop has the largest selection of skates and ice skating accessories in all of New Mexico. They also offer a wide selection of hockey equipment. They are well staffed with professionals that are always ready to help you in your shopping.

Outpost Ice Arena is also a perfect place to host a birthday party.

They have packages to fit your specific needs and guest size. It is guaranteed fun for not only the birthday boy or girl but all of the guests as well! Reservations are required.

The Outpost Ice Arena is sure to be a very good time for family and friends alike. The facility is modernized and immaculate for all to enjoy.