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Ice Skating Apparel Options

Ice Skating Apparel Options

The options for attractive ice skating apparel seem to be endless.

There are a multitude of companies that will work with you as a skater to make sure that you have exactly what you need to skate well no matter how many times you’ve been on the ice or if you’re in a competition or not. The vast amount of ice skating apparel options that exist can be overwhelming, especially to a novice skater who isn’t sure exactly what he or she needs to purchase. Although it can be easy to go overboard will all of the fantastic options out there, there are only a few key items of ice skating apparel that you need to get you through your day today skating. Competition is different and can require you spending more money to be prepared, but the novice skater doesn’t need to worry about that just let.

Pants or Shorts

Let’s be honest; the ice is cold. And it’s hard when you land on it. A good quality pair of skating pants will protect your legs from the cold and also from being too bruised up when you fall. And you will fall, so don’t get cocky and not buy a pair of pants. They do have a tendency to limit your range of motion, so be prepared for that and search for a quality pair with a good stretch in it. Longer pants will tuck over the tops of your skates and keep your legs and ankles safe and comfortable. If you loathe pants, then shorts may be an option for you, but be prepared to prepare them with leggings.


For the skater who loves shorts or is wearing a dress, these are important pieces of ice skating apparel to protect your legs. Leggings usually come in neutral so that they don’t distract from the rest of your outfit but can also come in other colors and may be bedazzled with rhinestones or crystals. No matter if you choose footed, boot cut, or saddle style leggings that your foot holds on to, a quality pair of leggings is important to have at your disposal.


Did we mention that it’s cold on the ice? When you’re practicing for hours on end, it can be critical to stay warm. A beautiful jacket is a fashionable piece of ice skating apparel that will do that for you. They come in all colors and designs, with attractive zippers and ice skating motifs to more subdued ones in all black. No matter which one you choose, do make sure that you have one available. Jackets are also perfect to wear to and from the rink without getting cold.


There are a ton of difference dresses that you can buy for ice skating or figure skating. From practice clothes that are a little plainer and less expensive to competition dresses and the most expensive ice dancing dresses, you can find one to fit your budget. These are beautiful and fitted to the body with a flowing skirt that looks gorgeous as you glide across the ice. The myriad of styles and colors available can be customized further with crystals and rhinestones. You’ll love the high range of motion you can achieve in this ice skating apparel and will want one or two in your closet.


Ice skaters love their accessories and seem to like them, even more, when they shine and sparkle with crystals. Gloves can be worn to complement your outfit, and hair pieces do as well. For the novice skater you can probably pass over the flashier options, but a good quality pair of gloves is useful when protecting your hands from a fall.

All the free ice skating apparel can make your head spin and get expensive quickly if you’re not careful. When you’re just starting out, make sure to get a few quality pieces that will last you for a while and then add in the more expensive dresses when you need them for your competitions. Ice skating apparel can be addictive to look at, buy, and wear, but by making smart decisions, you can fill your closet without emptying your wallet.