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Ice Skating Charleston WV


If you want to enjoy some recreational ice skating Charleston WV, you should know that there is one excellent skating venue in the area. Today, we’d like to share information about the most popular place to skate in this charming city.

The name of this facility is South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena, so let’s start things off by sharing information about this impressive ice skating venue.

Discover South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena

This arena is very new, and it’s state of the art. Located in South Charleston, the rink is run by the city, and it’s got all of the amenities that most want, including a seating area which is heated and able to seat up to five hundred people. The arena is situated at RHL Boulevard, and you’ll find that it’s easy to get to, via the 119 South highway.

When you choose this rink, you’ll also conclude that it’s quite affordable. Admission to public skate sessions will cost eight dollars and renting skates will cost just a couple of bucks. You may attend all day long for a full-day rate of thirteen dollars. Admission for after school will cost five dollars.This is pretty much the place to skate in the area. It doesn’t have a ton of options like other cities. However, it’s a big and impressive place, so you’ll find that choosing it helps you to enjoy plenty of space while you’re on the ice, as well as all of the concessions, such as skate sharpening and snacks, that you are looking for.

Now that you know more about South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena and all that it has to offer let’s talk about which skating gear you should choose for your next trip to this popular and highly-rated arena.

Choose the Right Skating Gear

You will perform better on the ice and be more comfortable when you decide the right skating gear. Your ice skates will be most important, so we recommend buying your own and then taking them to free skates. While skate rental is always an option, your skates will be worn by you alone, and this is something that many people prefer.

As well as buying your skates, you should invest in skate guards, which are also called skate blade covers. These guards will keep your blades in mint conditions while you’re walking around in your skates, off of the ice. As well, you may want to choose skating apparel which keeps you warm and cozy and allows for unrestricted mobility.

There are beautiful places to shop for skates and skating gear online. Look for retailers who offer Jackson-brand skates and other high-quality skating gear and apparel. Once you’re kitted out, you’ll be ready to enjoy this healthy and fun form of exercise.

Skates which are marketed as recreational skates will be the best choices. They are made for people who want to have fun skating once in a while. As well, recreational skates are typically the most affordable options.