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Ice Skating Costumes Buying Guide

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Ice skating is a highly elegant practice, requiring grace and confidence at all times.

Performers are always looking for the latest and greatest ice skating costumes, mainly to exemplify their hard work and subsequently svelte figures. With so many options on the modern market, finding the perfect costume can be a tiring chore. To keep the joy in dressing up, necessary to utilize this simple buying guide. 

Not all ice skating costumes are created equally. Some costumes are made better or look better, and some possess all those qualities at once. The ideal ice skating costume will be both fashionable and functional, but discovering such an item is not always easy. Use the following information to narrow down your search and find that unique costume that makes you feel fantastic on the ice.

The Top 7 Things to Look for When Buying Ice Skating Costumes

You may have found a few ice skating costumes that look beautiful, but is that all you know about them? Upon closer investigation, you may discover that your chosen costume is a shoddy one at best. By then, though, you will have already spent money, and if you did business with a disreputable store, you might never get that cash back. Instead of dealing with all that, look closer at the following details to find an ice skating costume that’s worth your investment:

1.The Quality of the Stitching

High-quality stitching is worth more than you realize. The last thing any skater wants is to deal with a loose or unraveling costume while gliding gracefully on the ice. Instead of the audience being focused on the show, they will be looking at the shoddy costume as it falls apart, it is not a good thing for anybody, much less an athlete. Try to find ice skating costumes that have been hand-stitched. You may end up paying a little more, but the costume will last longer and therefore will pay for itself over time.

2.The Quality of the Materials Used

Good stitching is always a great feature, but the stitches won’t matter very much on material that is poorly made. Be sure to take a look at the tag. You want an ice skating costume that is made from a breathable and flexible material that fits well and keeps in shape after several uses. Look for materials like polyamide, polyester, or a blend of both. Try to stay away from materials such as cotton or wool, since they can make you hot and are known to rip or tear during strenuous activity.

3.The Functionality on the Ice

No ice skating costume is worth its money if it hinders your performance on the ice. Your ideal clothing should be fashionable, functional, and fitted, not frustrating, freezing, or filthy. If you tend to get cold on the ice, you can look for ice skating costumes with sleeves and purchase nude-colored boot cover tights to keep your legs warm. Furthermore, selected by you should accentuate your figure and on-ice grace, not take from the overall appeal of your performance.

4.The Way It Coordinates with the Rest of Your Ensemble

A good ice skating costume will look terrific with the rest of your items – your skates, your hairdo, your accessories. It should make you feel more attractive and confident, without forcing you to rethink your entire skating wardrobe. TIP: To keep things simple, opt for neutral colors or settle on different shades of the same color.

5.The Age Appropriateness

Putting your little ones in ice skating costumes that are too revealing is very unbecoming. On the contrary, wearing something too demure is usually not acceptable for adults. Be sure to look at the costume in its entirety, and compare it to what people in your age bracket are wearing. How far outside of the box are you willing to go?

6.The Supplier

At the end of the day, you want to give your money to an ice skating costumes supplier that has a solid reputation in the industry. The quality of the products offered and the amount of attention you receive from customer service representatives is a surefire way to determine the reputation of any ice skating store.