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How to take care of your ice skating costumes

Most figure skaters are going to collect more ice skating costumes than they’ll ever know what to do with – and almost all of them will want to hold onto their favorites along after they have stepped off of the ice for the last time!

And while it is possible to save even the most delicate of ice skating costumes out there for posterity, you’re going to need to take some pretty simple and straightforward steps to do exactly that the right way right off of the bat.

In this quick guide below you’re going to figure out EXACTLY how to effortlessly store and maintain your ice skating costumes so that they look better than brand-new today, tomorrow, a week from now, and even decades down the line.

If you’re the kind of skater that can’t imagine ever getting rid of any of your favorite costumes, this is the kind of guide that you’re going to want to study carefully!

Storing your current ice skating costumes

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of storing all of your “retired” costumes, it’s important that we break down how you should be storing the fashionable ice skating apparel and attire that you are wearing every single time you compete.

Contrary to popular belief – and what you may have heard of those outside of the skating world – you cannot just throw your current skating costumes on a coat hanger in the closet and hope for the best.

That would be a major mistake that could leave you with completely devastated costumes in record time, and with you throwing a considerable amount of money right out the window in the process.

Instead, what you’ll want to do is very simple and straightforward.

You are going to want to sit your current costumes up in a garment style bag designed to breathe, giving your clothes every opportunity to release the moisture that they will have inevitably picked up during your time competing as well as the moisture they’ll still have left after washing them.

Do not – DO NOT – keep your current costumes in a bag that is completely airtight. This is the fastest way to cause condensation and mildew to build up in your competition dresses, and you’ll inevitably end up destroying your costume along the way.

Storing your retired ice skating costumes

After you have decided to retire some of your favorite costumes from some of your favorite routines you’re going to want to start thinking about storing them away on a more permanent basis.

This is going to be a little bit trickier and more involved than you probably would think at first, but at the end of the day, it isn’t going to be that much of a challenge – provided you zero in on the details we break down for you below.

For starters, you’ll need to get your hands on some of those oversized plastic storage boxes designed specifically for garments and a pretty much supply of acid-free tissue paper.

Start off by outlining all of the storage boxes with a couple of layers of acid-free tissue paper and then begin layering all of your retired outfits (inside out) with individual layers – sometimes double layers if you’re extra cautious – of the acid-free tissue paper we mentioned above.

Never overload any of your garment boxes, and instead try to keep these boxes as light and as unencumbered as possible. Always put your heaviest costumes at the bottom of these boxes (the weight of more cumbersome clothes will press down upon the costumes underneath them), and do whatever you can to protect the delicate and unique embellishments that most all competition dresses and customs have in common.

If you want to take things to the next level – and don’t anticipate pulling your costumes out of storage for quite a while – you’ll want to get your hands on a vacuum pack piece of hardware and store all of your costumes in an air free environment.

It’s crucial that you invest in a quality vacuum sealing solution, however. Even the slightest bit of air trapped in one of these bags (combined with just a little bit of heat and a little bit of moisture) can cause condensation to run rampant inside of the bag. If that happens, you may as well say goodbye forever to your dress!

You also have to make sure that you don’t go overboard when it comes time to vacuum out the air in your bags. If you go that route, you’ll almost always crush the more delicate parts of your dress, and you’ll end up with something that doesn’t look quite as mint or as fresh as it did the day it went into the bag for storage.

Zero in on all of the details we’ll a straight for you about, and you’ll find it becomes a lot easier to store all of your favorite ice skating costumes from here on out!