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Ice Skating in Fort Myers


If you find yourself in the area of Fort Myers, Florida, and are looking for something to do to take a break from the heat, you can visit the Fort Myers Skatium. You are guaranteed to have a lovely, cool time!

At Fort Myers Skatium, there is something for people of all ice skating experience levels to enjoy.

If you are a beginner, classes are offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays of each week, which teach you to skate. If you are a more advanced skater, power sessions are offered on Friday afternoons as well.

If you are not looking to take a particular skill class and would rather just free skate and enjoy yourself, that is always a fantastic option as well. The facility is perfect for the shared family time. The Skatium also offers birthday party packages for those looking to have an ice skating party.

Something to keep in mind when ice skating; you want to dress in warm layers. The building is kept considerably cool to maintain the ice in good condition. Some may find it to be a bit chilly, and dressing in layers will allow you to stay at a comfortable body temperature.

The Skatium in Fort Myers in quite a modern venue.

They also host ice skating championship events. These events bring skaters and their families from all over the country to participate.This in itself speaks volumes about the facility.

Aside from general figure skating, there are also hockey lessons and games offered at The Skatium. These classes are led by experienced coaches who take the time to teach students the proper techniques for being safe and fruitful in playing the sport of hockey.

While there, if you find yourself needing a break from ice skating, they also offer other options for entertainment. They have a fitness area and even an arcade for guests to enjoy. During your visit, you are sure to work up an appetite. The Skatium has a well-stocked snack bar that will allow you to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, a snack, or even a nice cold drink.

When you arrive at The Skatium in Fort Myers, Florida, you will be greeted by friendly staff that is ready to make your visit an enjoyable one. You will find that they are full of knowledge about the facility and ice skating in general. They are always willing to share that knowledge with guests who share a love for ice skating. The Skatium offers a day of fun that is out of the ordinary for Florida. While the beaches are quite enjoyable on a sunny day, it is also nice to have a break from the heat as well.

Skate rental is available for those that do not have their pair.

They also offer rentals in regards to hockey.This is yet another added convenience of The Skatium. One thing is certain after you visit once, you are sure to return again for another day of fun!