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Ice Skating in Jacksonville, Florida

Ice Skating in Jacksonville, Florida

When you think of Jacksonville Florida,

You might think of beaches; boat rides down the St. Johns River, deep swamps, the football border war game is known as “The world’s Largest Cocktail Party” also known to southern college kids as “Fall Break.” Most would never have any thoughts of winter in a city in a state referred to as the “Sunshine State” after all the average temperature barely ever dips below the mid 40’s, and the locals call that week winter. Ice Sports is not exactly the thing bringing the tourist to this fun yet the cozy southern coastal town.

But the thing about a growing urban population center is people come from all over. Also as with places such as Arizona, Texas Or Southern California, people in hot places like cold sports. They have indoor ski mountains in the desert in places like Dubai. I think Northeast Floridians are not out of their minds to want to hit the rink themselves. But where in the tropical paradise do you find a place to ice skate?

Where To Find Ice Rinks In Jacksonville, FL?

If you were looking for a charter fishing or one of those shops with bleached sand dollars and Dale Earnheart Air Spray shirts or an amazing place to get shrimp and crab you would have no problem finding it. But where in this tropical coastal Florida city do you find enough ice to play hockey? Or pull off a figure skating routine? Even just a place to glide across some frozen water?

If options were what you were hoping for, then you obviously came to the wrong place. Try Heading a few hundred miles north. But do not worry, I did not write this much of an article about Ice skating in Jacksonville FL just to get your hopes up. I said you have no options with an “s” not that you did not have an option. The option you have is you could either notice skate or you could go to the Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex.

Fortunately, This is not all that bad of an option. The Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex is a beautiful facility. It is so sweet it is home to 2 Simi Pro as well as countless high school and recreational league hockey teams.

In conclusion

Jacksonville Florida just like anywhere else on this earth with a Zamboni, is a beautiful place to ice skate.