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Ice Skating Long Island’s Best Offers

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During weekends, vacations or school holidays, both seniors and children have a lot of time in their hands. This is the best time to indulge in the fun.  Ice skating long island is one of the best choices you would make.  There is so much on offer here, and these include:

Discounted recreation cards

Those with recreations cards (mostly the residents) get admitted for $1 less than the non-residents. This mostly happens with the seniors’ admission.

Special holiday offers

In any holiday or vacation, the charges are low on admissions.  There are special rates, depending on whether you are a child or a senior.

Skate rentals

For those who would like to experience the thrill of ice skating long island, there are skates available for rental.

Rink facility

There is a massive rink facility which comes with two rinks.They are indoor based.

Outdoor facilities

You can dare skate in the cold and have mad fun. Those opting for the outdoor instead of the indoor are best advised to carry along a furry hat to keep warm. Talking about keeping oneself warm, you will simply enjoy the treat of a cup of chocolate tea.

There are more reasons why families just love this facility in winter.

Winter season can be dreary. What with people being forced to stay indoors! This is hardly the case with the inhabitants of the Long Island. Skating outdoors is never marred by the low temperatures or the snowing. The rinks that are available here allow the families were thronging here to continue skating in the chilly weather.

Fantastic lesson programs

You will simply have the best skating programs. There is the well-trained instructor who will take you through the motions of ice skating till you become a pro.

Time frames for the free-skate

This means that once you are done with the ice skating lessons, you can join music lessons as well as lots of other activities filled with fun. These are special accompaniments for anyone who comes for the ice skating.

Multiple rinks

There is not one, two or three rinks but up to nine rinks where you can indulge in the best of indoor skating. Some of the notable rinks include:

  • Dix Hills Rink
  • Cantiague  Park
  • Long Beach Ice Arena

For the outdoors, the story is much the same. The list includes:

  • Christopher Morley Park
  • The Rinx at Harbourfront  Park
  • Tanger Outlets

The list is long but gives one an inkling of what to expect when you go out in the chilly winter.

Ice skating destination

Take your family out on an ice skating vacation. The ice skating Long Island is the best destination. It comes with all the facilities and fun activities that accompany it. The existence of outdoor and indoor skating rinks offer endless possibilities for the lovers of ice skating. There are plenty of activities and fun for all ages. Please join to become part of the ice skating world.