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Ice Skating in Omaha

ice skating omaha

In November of 1995, the Tim Moylan-Tranquility Iceplex was opened.

There was a very special partnership made with the city of Omaha. The land was provided by the City of Omaha and Tim Moylan, the developer, financed the actual cost of building the rink. It was at first named Tranquility Iceplex. Later on, the Omaha City Council changed the name to Tim Moylan-Tranquility Complex. This name change was done to honor Tim after he died in a tragic accident.

Moylan Iceplex has an NHL-sized sheet of ice and an Olympic-sized sheet of ice as well.

The Olympic rink is 15 feet wider than a standard size NHL rink and is the only one in the entire state. The cineplex is also the home rink of the Omaha Hockey Club and the Omaha AAA. Two figure skating clubs, the Premier Skating Club, and the Blade and Edge Skating Club, both use the Moylan Iceplex as well.

Moylan Iceplex strives to provide a safe and fun environment

For families and friends to come and enjoy the day ice skating. The environment is quite comfortable and accommodating as well. There are open skate times where the public is invited to join. They also offer instructed classes to help people improve their skating skills. There are also various skating camps offered. Their classes are offered six days a week in the winter, and three days a week during the summer.

If you would like to plan a birthday party or group outing, Moylan Iceplex is more than happy to accommodate you for both. They have put together some great packages for birthday parties to ensure that everyone has a great time while they are there. The group outings are ideal for school field trips, or even church groups.

Whether you are looking to take in a hockey game,

or spend some time skating yourself, Moylan Iceplex is ready to accommodate your needs. They have full concessions to provide you with drinks and food during your visit. You will find that the overall facility to be clean, and accommodating with modern furnishings. They are also fully staff with friendly employees, who are willing to help you however you need during your visit. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, you are sure to enjoy the Moylan Iceplex. We encourage you to bring your friends and family to benefit from the day with you!