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Ice skating outfits


Putting together the perfect ice skating outfits

A lot more goes into putting together the perfect ice skating outfits than most people think – particularly in the higher levels of competition when things can get fierce!

Even if you aren’t ever going to find yourself competing in a winter Olympics or at a Nationals, you’ll still want to make sure that you hit your ice skating outfits out of the park as best you can. That you can take home as many trophies as possible when you compete out on the ice.

To help you do your best when it comes time to put together perfect ice skating outfits (not only for when you’ll be out in front of the judges but also for when you’ll be practicing and even before you get to the ice) we’ve put together this quick guide.

Check out everything that we have to offer below, focus on adding pieces to your collection that complement your style and your routine, and you won’t ever have anything to worry about!

Let’s get started!

Before you get to the rink

Most people think of ice skating outfits and immediately think of competition dresses, game skates, and all kinds of time spent on hair and makeup.

But becoming a world-class ice skater starts far before you step out on the ice for your first major competition, and instead starts even before you begin your first round of practice!

When you are getting ready to head down to your local rink, you’ll want to be sure that you were wearing the most comfortable clothes you can find. The kinds of clothes that are going to be effortless to get into and out of coming like clothes that are going to keep you warm before and after you get your time out on the ice.

Sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, and even gloves are always a good idea, and you’ll want to be sure that you focus predominantly on your comfort and your “off the ice style” more than anything else when putting leagues ice skating outfits together.

Practice ice skating outfits

Practice time is where championships are won and lost. You need to take this time as seriously as humanly possible – and that all starts with getting the right ice skating outfits together to practice in.

Training outfits should mimic your competition outfits as closely as they possibly can, though they shouldn’t be anywhere near as expensive or as “dressy.” Lycra spandex, microfiber, and even cotton options are best here because they offer you the same tight – but not too tight – fit you need when training, but also because they provide a little bit of extra protection and cushion against the ice.

And believe me, when you’re trying to master a new move, a new routine, or a new approach to your skating you are going to be spending at least a little bit of time crashing down to the ice (and usually quite a bit more than you ever expected).

Remember to find practice ice skating outfits that are as much unlike your competition dresses and tights as possible without going overboard. You’ll want to keep warm on the ice (you will be spending a lot more time on the ice practicing than you ever will competing), and you’ll also want to stay comfortable.

Competition ice skating outfits

When it comes to choosing ice skating outfits for competition you’ve had to think about every single aspect of the outfit to get it right.

Your tights have to be perfect and provide you with a real punch of style, your dress needs to be as lightweight, elegant, and attractive as anything you’ve ever seen, and your skates need to be dressed up as much as you can as well.

Not only are you going to have to choose and ice skating outfit in the competition that’s designed to get the most out of your athletic abilities but you’ll also want to find an ice skating outfit that draws (like a magnet) the attention of the judges.

You don’t ever want them to have any reason whatsoever to take their eyes off of you while you’re out on the ice!

Nail it when you land on the podium!

Most of the time you’re going to find yourself up on the podium wearing your competition outfit (minus your skates), but it’s not a bad idea to throw on a jacket, either – if only to keep yourself a little bit warmer.

If you’d like, you can certainly spend a quick couple of minutes in the locker room changing into something a little bit more “business first,” especially if you anticipate climbing higher and higher on that podium.

Just be sure that the outfit you choose here blends seamlessly with the competition outfit that you wore through your routine. It’ll make a huge difference.

Hopefully, now you feel a little bit more confident about finding the best ice skating outfits for every time you leverage be out on the ice!