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Ice Skating In San Diego

SD Dirk

San Diego is a mild weather paradise that is bordered to the south by Mexico, to the west by the Pacific Ocean and the east by unforgiving desert. This is not exactly the place where you would imagine winter sports being popular. But Sandiego is also a cool place with cool people. These people being cool as ice sometimes like to take a spin on some ice.

But where do you go skating?

I mean the San Diego Bay has not been frozen in recorded history, and it is not likely to happen anytime soon. On top of that, where are you going to find a place to buy skates? I bet if you wanted a surfboard you are more than covered. But a sport where the temperature needs to be below 32 degrees?

Luckily ice sports are popular in southern California. You have NHL teams like the Kings in LA, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and the more local AHL team the San Diego Gulls. Also, incase you haven’t noticed it is the year 2016 and man have long had the ability to make ice anywhere in the world at this point. Another great thing we have in 2016 is the internet where you can buy winter gear from anywhere in the world no matter how far you live from a winter sports store.

Where To Skate

San Diego is a great place to find a rink. This city has many choices no matter where you live in the area. Also, San Diego features a few seasonal outdoor rinks that would make Walt Disney blush.

San Diego Ice Arena

San Diego Ice Area is the home to the SDIA youth league and youth traveling team the San Diego Oilers. They offer leagues for all ages including an adult league and offer open pickup games. They have a figure skating program and offer lessons for the advanced to those who have never stepped foot on the ice before. They also offer a pro shop for any of your ice skating needs and hosts parties such as birthdays and bar mitzvahs. If you are not a figure skater or hockey player, they have open skate sessions daily where anyone can skate in circles or fall on their backside.

UTC Ice Center

The UTC Ice Center is another great Ice Skating destination. Like the San Diego Ice Center, UTC offers hockey leagues for youth and Adult classes. Their traveling team is called the UTC Piranhas. The cool thing about this place is they offer a free “try it” hockey clinic for youth and adult skaters. Another cool thing is they offer some unusual sports like Ice polo and broom hockey. Like the San Diego Ice Arena they have a well-supplied pro shop and hosts birthdays and other events and have time slated every day for the public to come out and take a spin on the ice.

So I hope you take this information and get out on the ice in San Diego.