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Ice Skating Sugar Land And Sport Centre

iceSkating RM

Imagine finding a dual-rink for figure skating and much more every day!

Learn to skate

One of the highlights of this center is learning to skate. The core competencies of US figure skating offered here aid you in mastering skating. This facility, for your information, is considered to be one of the largest in the US.

Skates rental

While some facilities demand that you have your won skates, at the ice skating sugar land, the skates are availed at a small fee for a broad range of foot sizes. These also include the figure and hockey styles for toddlers, youth, and adults. You will, however, find that there are those that fit most people and are usually taken up by those who arrive early.

It is important to point out that there are developmental programs in place to improve figure skating at various levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will easily find your pace in these programs.

Professional coaching

The instructors here are highly qualified and are at least members of some reputable organizations


The facility encourages large groups, and hence huge discounts are offered. To ensure that you benefit from this group discount, bring along your family, friends or members of your social club.

What is it with the center and hockey?

There is so much that we could say about hockey. There is adult hockey, youth hockey, leagues and hockey academy to name but a few. One can join in the category that they deem befitting them.

Celebrate in style

There is no better way to commemorate a party or an anniversary than through the party options offered here. Whether you are thinking about a private ice party or a public one, there are additional pizzas, toppings and much more.

Best pro shop services

Whether you are looking for skate sharpening or skate repair, you will find that the pro shop is readily available. The sharpening done here is fast enough; within 24 hours, the process would be through, and you will be able to take your easily serviced skates.

Do you need to have eyelets or rivets fitted done on your skate?  These are done for you as you wait and a for a fee that you can afford.

Skating services

Apart from fitting, you will receive punching and baking.


There is a wide range of accessories and equipment. In this case, bags, sticks and hockey equipment are fully stocked at this shop.


You can now buy gifts like skating gifts to award to the players. These are not just for players; there are for instance certificates to be given to family members as a sign of gratitude.

Given the above, it is telling that there is much on offer at this facility for everyone. Pay it a visit for a personal experience.