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Ice skating tights

ice skating tights

Almost everything you need to know about ice skating tights

One of the most overlooked, underappreciated, and almost ignored and neglected components of a proper competition ice-skating costume, finding the best ice skating tights makes a world of difference between how you feel and how you compete every time you step out on the ice in front of the judges.

Sure, a lot of people are going to be drawn to the search for the perfect ice-skating costume (mostly because we all love hunting for sparkly dresses that help us feel and look our very best). But that doesn’t mean that you can afford to ignore one of the most critical components of your custom and just “hope for the best” with any old ice skating tights you come across.

To better help, you choose the perfect ice skating tights for your specific needs with together this ultimate guide below.

We are going to cover almost everything you need to know about choosing the right tights before you hit the ice, and you’ll have no trouble whatsoever driving right into purchasing better tights moving forward by the time you’re done with this quick guide.

Let’s kick things off!

You want the highest quality ice skating tights you can get your hands on

You’re reading this quick guide. The odds are pretty good that you have at least some idea of what ice skating tights are. Just as a refresher they are essentially the thin accessories that completely cover your legs to protect against the cold, to protect against the ice, and to make your costume complete with a real uniform aesthetic that the judges are looking for.

The highest quality tights are made out of two different kinds of fabric – nylon, and elastane. You need to be sure that you get your hands on tights that include the highest level of nylon so that you are wearing tights that look and feel picture-perfect, almost like a second skin.

Too much of the other material and your tights are going to stretch and wear funny over time and will be nearly as strong or as durable as you need them to be.

Be smart about choosing the right textures and finishes

Unlike traditional tights, there are a lot of different finishes and textures that you were going to have the ability to pick and choose from when it comes time to get settled with your ice skating tights.

The overwhelming majority of training tights are going to be a lot thicker with an almost wooly texture, still sticking to your body like a second skin but adding more cushion and more protection against the cold and competition tights will.

Competition ice skating tights, on the other hand, are a lot thinner, a lot smoother, and almost matte with their finish. They are usually designed to look “nude” – at least as much as possible – while providing some protection against the ice and a clean and classic look.

Selecting the right shape is also important

Just like there are a couple of different textures and finishes when you are purchasing ice skating tights there are going to be a couple of different shapes and designs that you’ll need to pick and choose from.

The four most common options include:

  • Footed Ice skating tights
  • Footless ice skating tights
  • Stirrup style ice skating tights and
  • Over the boot ice skating tights

Most people are going to go with footed ice skating tights or over the boot ice skating tights, depending on the finished look that they want to have. Footed tights provide a much more consistent look and shape than footless or stirrup style tights, and over the boot style tights alone gave the leg to make moves in your everyday look even more elegant than they would have otherwise.

You don’t have to blow your budget on ice skating tights

It isn’t at all uncommon for ice skating tights to cost anywhere between $15 and $50 for a pair, and as a figure skater, you’re going to go through a handful of pairs of tights every single season in competition and while practicing.

To save a considerable amount of money on your tights, it’s a good idea to stop looking for ice skating tights specifically and instead purchase ballet styled tights at a significant discount. Where skating tights are going to cost you anywhere between $15 and $50 per pair ballet tights are going to run new about $10 max – even if you’re purchasing high-end pieces of apparel.

It’s something to consider!