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Ice Skating in Walnut Creek, California

Ice Skating Walnut Creek

Skating is something many people enjoy in Walnut Creek, California.

Walnut Creek on Ice Dates

Walnut Creek Ice Skating is open on weekdays Monday through Friday at 5 PM, and weekends Fridays through Sunday night. During Holiday periods Walnut Creek on Ice is open on November 11th and November 18th through November 27th. As well as December 16th through January 2nd and January 16th.

The Cost of Ice Skating in Walnut Creek

For weekdays, it will cost $12 per person to skate. During the weekends, this price will go up to $15 per person to skate, since weekends will be busier. During the holiday periods, the cost will be $15 per person regardless if it falls on a weekday or a weekend.

Ice Skating Academy at Walnut Creek on Ice

Not only is Walnut Creek on Ice a great spot to ice skate for fun, but Ice skating lessons are also available. Ice skating can be tricky, especially for first timers, but it is something that can be easily taught. Join the ice skating academy for an eight-week lesson on how to properly ice skate. This class is excellent for beginners, or for those who would like to touch up their ice skating skills before hitting the rink. These classes will be one day a week for eight weeks long.There are several options to choose from regarding the dates of these classes. You may register for these lessons online and pay the $175. Private lessons are also offered, but those interested must contact an instructor for more details on price and dates. By the end of these classes, those who participated are likely to be proficient in their ice skating skills. Practice is included as a part of the lesson, but participants are also encouraged to practice during their free time.

Hosting an Event at Walnut Creek on Ice

Whether it’s for a birthday party, field trip, youth group, or any other reason, ice skating in Walnut Creek is the perfect way to have fun and connect with each other. Hosting these events are available. There is a discount of $11 for these developments if the minimum amount of skaters is 20. Although, this rate is not available during holiday periods. If the weather does not permit skating, the event will be rescheduled to a later time to ensure safety. To request an event day, those interested must contact Walnut Creek on Ice online. Whether it is a small group or a large group, ice skating is the perfect way to spend the day and enjoy winter activities.

Many may not know it, but Walnut Creek, California is a great spot to go ice skating and enjoy the season and all of the different activities that it brings.

Ice Skating Birthday Parties

Ice skating is the perfect way to spend a birthday, especially for anyone inviting their friends and family. Walnut Creek Ice skating is a great, safe place to spend someone’s birthday.