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Important Facts about Graf Skates

Graf Skates

Graf is a hockey skate brand with a good reputation. In fact, some NHL pros, such as former hockey player, Sean Avery, wore Graf skates on the ice during NHL games! Since they are of high-quality and deliver the sort of support and performance that hockey players need, they are popular choices, for amateurs and pros alike.

If you’re in the market for new hockey skates, you’ll find that considering Graf skates makes sense. Today, we’d like to share more practical information about this brand and all that it has to offer…

Graf Company Information

Graf is a skate manufacturing company which has its headquarters in Switzerland. It’s been around since 1921, although its Canadian branch recently closed. Graf makes hockey skates for men and figure skates for women, so hockey skates aren’t all that this firm is known for. This company also produces accessories for hockey and skating, such as underwear, bags, skating dresses and much more.

Graf skates are well-made, and they come in a host of styles, from basic and affordable to professional quality. Methods for kids and adults are available. Since this company has been around for so long, it’s well worth considering, especially if you want superior fit, durability, and support. The team at Graf bring plenty of dedication and passion to every pair of Graf skates that they produce.

While there are cheaper skates out there, Graf is all about quality. When you choose Graf skates, you’ll be investing in skates which have a proven track record. We are proud to offer these skates on our website, so we encourage you to check out these skate designs today. Once you’ve discovered just how attractive, competitively-priced and functional they are, you may decide to purchase a pair of your very own!

Graf is one of many great skate brands that we offer, so you’ll find that lots of variety are at your fingertips. Just choose a preferred category, and you’ll be able to explore a host of brands, with a mind to finding a pair which is a perfect match!

How to Choose Graf Skates

First, you should focus on selecting a skate type. For example, you may want skates for a child or skates for yourself. Our website is a wonderful place to find all of the options that you need, from toddler skates to youth designs to adult styles for hockey, figure skating or general recreation. We are skate pros, and our buyers bring in the best styles, to offer our valued clientele superb quality. When you choose skates from our online shop, you’ll find that you just can’t make a mistake! However, we do have a return policy, as well as excellent customer service. Just be sure to check our-our return policy/exchange policy before you buy.

How to Choose the Right Pair

The fit is critical when it comes to finding the right skates. Skates should fit snugly, which means that there shouldn’t be extra space between the foot and skate. You’re probably used to buying shoes and looking for a bit of space at the toe end. With skates, there shouldn’t be space. The foot shouldn’t be moving around within the skate boot. Regarding how to choose a size when you’re shopping online, your regular size or your child’s current size should be available. If a certain brand has appropriate sizing recommendations, we’ll include them in the product details, so that you’re able to size up or down accordingly. We offer all sorts of sizing advice and tools which make it easy to find a pair that fits just right.

As well, you should consider material. Some people prefer the breathable properties of leather, while others like the affordability of human-made leather. Those who don’t want to wear real leather due to ethical principles may also prefer human-made designs. Both should be durable, but leather may have an edge. Individual hockey skates and toddler skates will usually have hard plastic shells, as well as sturdy nylon weaving. Every pair of skates is different. We offer a wide selection of materials.

Concerning other things to think about, brand and price probably wrap it up. Graf is the great name and so are many others that we carry here. Once you’ve discovered our superb Graf skates and other brands of skates, we encourage you to order your favorite pair. Also, consider picking up some accessories while you’re at it so that you’ll have everything that you need. Our website is a great place to do one-stop shopping for skates. It’s affordable, easy to navigate and secure. When you shop with us,  you’ll have a great customer service experience.

If you have questions about our Graf skates or other products, please connect with our team today. We want to help!