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Important Information about Ice Skating Peoria Il


Do you want to enjoy ice skating Peoria Il? Here we talk you about it.

Once you’ve learned what each venue has to offer, you may want to try one or both of them.

Discover Peoria’s Owens Center

This great rink is located at 1019 West Lake Avenue in Peoria, and it’s an indoor venue which features a couple of rinks. This facility isn’t just for wintertime. It’s open all year round, so you’ll find that it’s a great place to boost your personal fitness out on the ice.

As well, it offers lessons for kids aged three and up, as well as figure skating lessons and hockey action.

The rink has a public skate line. Just call to find out when free skate sessions are available to the public.This is a beautiful family arena with very reasonable rates, including a family rate of twenty-five dollars for up to five people.

The PNC Winterfest is located outside of the Peoria Civic Center, and it’s a beautiful place to enjoy skating action alone, with friends or with the family. It costs ten dollars to skate at this location, and it’s going to run a lot of holiday promotions this year, so skating there will be a great way to get into the spirit of the season.

The ice rink measures sixty-eight feet by one hundred feet, and it gets great reviews from locals and tourists alike. One fun event that is scheduled for two days in December is Superhero Day. It gives little ones a chance to dress up as their favorite superhero characters and then glide on the ice. It’s safe to say that attending parents also find this particular day inspiring, as the kids look so cute.

Consider Buying New Skates

If you want new skates that you may take to these rinks, so that you don’t have to rent skates, we recommend finding high-quality and affordable ice skates online. Jackson-brand skates are one excellent option, and we think that this brand offers significant benefits to consumers who want the very best in recreational skates for fair prices. Shop around to get a great deal. Another bonus of owning your skates is that you’ll be able to take them to frozen ponds and lakes which don’t have skate rental facilities.

Now that you know the best places to skate in Peoria Il, you’ll be ready to plan some winter outings which capture the spirit of the holidays. As well, you’ll be able to enjoy exercise which tones your muscles and makes you feel great. Whether you visit one of the rinks on our list or both, you’ll find that the skating facilities and amenities are fantastic. So, why not buy some new skates today?