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Figure Skating in United States

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United States figure skating is popular, for a good reason!

All over the USA, kids, teens, and adults enjoy gliding, twirling and moving across the ice. While becoming an adept figure skater always takes tons of hard work, practice, and dedication, as well as a lot of figure skating lessons, it’s passion for so many people of all ages.

In general, the figure skaters who rise to the higher levels of competition start figure skating as kids, while their bodies are still forming. They learn proper technique while they are very young and build on that by developing their figure skating styles.

Some figure skaters are athletic, and they are known for their incredible jumps and fast footwork, while others are renowned for their ballet-like grace and artistry. The best figure skaters tend to bring a blend of athleticism and skill to their routines. They tick all of the boxes and impress judges because they can do all aspects of figure skating very well.

Do You Want to Figure Skate?

You don’t need to be a child to enjoy figure skating. You may try it at any age. It all starts with developing basic ice skating skills and going from there. It’s pretty hard to learn this sport without lessons from skilled and qualified instructors. Figure skating is an art form and sport in one, so there is plenty to learn regarding mastering perfect shape and building up to jumping and intricate footwork!

Luckily, most United States ice rinks offer lessons to kids, teens, and adults. Lessons are typically slotted into categories, so you’ll be able to choose from Beginner, Intermediate or Expert lessons.

Also, it’s more than possible to figure skate just for fun. This type of skating is recreational. You may do it on a frozen lake or river (be sure that it’s listed as safe for ice skating by your municipality and always take a buddy along with you) or go to public skates at local ice rinks.

It’s possible to get a lot of enjoyment out of figure skating, even if you don’t have professional training. How you learn (from teaching yourself to taking lessons) is really about what you want from this sport. There are no rules. However, those who want to compete will need to take lessons and practice a lot. It’s not uncommon for ambitious figure skaters to put in five hours of training on the ice, or more, every single day.

What Equipment is Best for Figure Skating?

Good figure skates are critical. They support the feet and ankles and provide lots of cushioning, too. They may be made from leather or human-made materials. Most people choose human-made materials because they are cheaper than leather. However, both materials are quite durable. Figure skates are available for men, women, and kids and they come with black boots for males and white boots for females.

Occasionally, you’ll find wilder colors out there, for those who want to show a bit more personal style while they skate. However, it’s rare to see these brighter-colored figure skates in big competitions. United States figure skating is big business. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll need to spend a fortune to get the skates that you need for the sport.

To find deals on figure skates online, look for a trusted American skate shop which operates online. It should offer lots of appealing skates at different price points, as well as clothing for skating and every skating accessory under the sun. When you find this sort of reputable retailer, you’ll be able to buy everything that you need for high prices and enjoy excellent customer service.

Find the Right Equipment Today

Figure skating is great cardio exercise. It will raise your heart rate, help you to burn calories and tone your muscles. As well, it will challenge you mentally, since you’ll need to use your mental focus to master correct form. It’s also a great way for kids and teens to develop more strength, self-confidence, and coordination.

For this reason, we encourage you to buy your figure skates today or purchase a pair of figure skates for your son or daughter.